Friday, July 26, 2013

Well It"s a Start

Ok I couldn't wait, I posted the picture on here. I love my porch and have a wonderful wooden bench to put there. I know my house plants will love it. I got my avocado tree started and it's going on the porch too. It's been raining there quite abit, the humidity, will be nice for them not including all the rain water for them. The tree line in the back looks close but we have a nice size back yard to fence in. Hubstead wants to keep the color on the outside the same,he said it looks more like a cabin sort of. Any suggestions on landscaping would be nice.I have some ideas but not until we get there. He's also looked at the fruit trees in the garden books to see what kind he wants lol. I think we may have some muscadine vines around there too. If we do oh boy how about some wine! Someone planted some gladiolus flowers there off to the side by the woods and I got some seeds already. I have some dark red hollyhocks to grow and a lot of daisy type flower seeds. Some marigolds and herbs.Just to give you an idea. I'd like to plant some roses too. We're going to plant blueberries and raspberries and a fig tree.

Whatcha think? I'd love some input.And yes we have to throw some grass seeds out there. I have no green front yard just dirt.


  1. Meant to post a comment on this earlier, but oh wow, so good for you two! Congrats!!!