Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lost most of my purple tomatoe plants  but I salvaged 4 so that wasnt too bad. My Cherry tomatoes are coming in great,going to get alot from them.It stormed here today so refreshing the rain is,We need more !

For all the furry owners out there flea season is on us and it could be bad.If you have carpet get a box of 20mule team BORAX and sprinkle your carpets with it. The fleas love this stuff. They eat it and it swells them up and they die. Works wonders!Worth the money too.

I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day We did,we did nothing but sleep today. When that storm came in I automatically got sleepy.I love to hear the rain and thunder.Puts me right out. Sitting here with the door open and got a good breeze coming in.I found out a good thing to keep mosquitoes out,I found a piece of material that was lacy and since I had alot of it I hung it over my front door. my hubby hates it but oh well no bugs come in the house not even flies during the day.We live near a horse pasture and we get horse flies here yuck!

I've been reading everyones articles and looking at  the pictures really great stuff. I'm getting some ideas about our cabin and what we should put in it. I still haven't found any property yet and am kinda worried that we arent going to find any.I really like central Texas but the property here is so expensive and the realtors don't want to sell just one acre. There are mostly farmers here.West Texas has property but it's a little too close to the border for my taste. We were looking in New Mexico up in the northwest corner but come to find out that is where they are having all the mining issues plus the water isn't good there along with the air.So thats out.So where to look next.If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it. The cabin part we got down,we know who to buy it from. Looking at property I found out that some places don't allow a small cabin like we want cause its considered a large shed,well the title on it says CABIN so thats another factor to look at.

Water here in Texas is another issue I've had to think about,hopefully this year we will get more rain and less heat.Drilling for water here is futile cause you have to go deep deep to hit anything  if you hit anything at all.I don't understand either how come with this movement towards simple living that when you ask someone at the enviromental department about a compost toilet they go completely blank.I laugh my butt off at the silence and stuttering they do. They ask why do you want a compost toilet you know you have to be hooked up to a septic system,Im thinking well maybe so but I dont have to use it. This is just a funny thing I run into asking questions and I ask alot too.

Well those images didn't go where I wanted them to lol, these are some of my beadwork that I've done. I haven't been beading too much here lately but am trying to get back into it.I've had a few things going on .

I can do traditional bead work and no I'm not native but I do alot of styles that are close.I have alot of my own designs worked out in my head and then I bead it. I do use a software for it.These are just two of a box full I have.I really like designing stuff and have had some ideas about designing my kitchen.I'm almost full Irish so I've designed some stuff for our bedroom. I hate this waiting but I guess life can be like that.

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  1. Hi! I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for the comment on mine. I've been reading through your posts and love your dream. I do think it's doable though it's a shame you can't find anything affordable in the area you like (we had the same problem).

    Thanks for the tip on the borax! Does it work for cat fleas. Our dogs are livestock guardian types and so stay outside with the goats, but the cat is in and out. I've switched to a cedar based flea product, but it doesn't seem to work as well as the once a month chemical stuff.