Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Have a Lead

I talked to my brother tonite and he really liked the idea I had. He also said when we get the cabin he would help us.He likes to hunt and fish so I figured when we get settled in,we could trade up with the veggies Im planning on planting.My sister-in-law and I get along great.We have alot of the same ideas and she is a great person to be around. So this is going to be interesting.Only one thing,we would have to move back to Alabama but no biggie.I said I wouldn't because I really liked living out here. But some of the things I had planned would not work here.So....... I know it has been raining there more than here. Here being central Texas if you haven't read this. Maybe it's too hot here or maybe too cold but hopefully by next spring we'll be sitting in a cabin and I'll be getting my garden done. Where they live is country and I mean country. My ancestors settled there in the northwest part up in the corner. I did my genealogy which took 15 years to finish but I learned they were mostly farmers. Maybe thats where I get my instincts to grow stuff.I feel family is important to be near but my brother and I are close because we feel the same about things in general.The rest of my family I don't get along with.But thats another long story. Well I'm ready whenever this comes about. I'm putting an ad in the local newspaper hopefully today and see if I get a bite!

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