Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gimme a break

I talked to a couple of realtors yesterday here in Texas. I was told about you can't get just one acre anymore it all comes in either 5 or 10. Well looks like I look someplace else cause I didn't want that much. The only way I'm gonna get an acre is if someone wants to sell off one. MMMMM I'm thinking.LOL

Maybe my ad back home will produce something but I doubt it. Most of those people there are greedy and want to sell to the big corporations coming down from up north.I guess i keep looking and see what is out there,may have to put some more ads in somewheres. I really like the west coast around Oregon but dang it's cold there too, up north it's too cold. not like I'd want to move to Minot LOL.BBBRRRRR.........

I want to thank everyone who reads my blogs it's nice to get information and give information. I love to read everyones blogs and get ideas!

I'm having a bipolar day so I don't want to write too much today.I have a tendancy to ramble.

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  1. I'm surprised at the 5 or 10 acre thing. Farther east, they subdivide it down to 1 acre, but it's in a development with restrictions. Several years ago (when we were still looking) Missouri and Kentucky had really good land prices. Not too sure about job availability though.