Thursday, June 21, 2012

Messed up MMMM

You know I ordered some of the quinoa and ate it and it was pretty good with the blueberries. So I have been drinking smoothies with almond milk and plain yogurt. Which that was good too. Dumb butt me decided to eat some fast food and guess what? I got sick as a dog. Now I know why I don't like eating out.Food don't mix when you decide to eat off the menu food.

I'm going to do better today.My beads came in so my mind will be alittle more occupied.Yes I know I don't know how spell lol.It has been very nice here,a little hot but nice.My cherry tomatoes aren't turning yet,I don't know what is wrong with them.My pepper plants has one bloom finally and I hope it doesn't fall off.I need to plant some garlic cause I'm getting low on it.

Orion and I must have dry skin,we keep itching and I know my scalp is dry. He likes it outside and this hot wind don't help matters.

I still haven't heard anything from my ad I placed back home. I doubt very seriously I will get any inquiries cause land is so expensive there. I bet they are waiting for those high price corporations to buy some land. It's sad that I can't even get a piece of property in a place where my ancestors lived.There are many places there that they farmed and raised their children.Oh well I guess you can't have everything.

I am looking into trying to get things ready ,I have been buying stuff that I think we may need. The bigger items will have to wait like a generator and solar panels.I haven't figured that one out yet. But most of the small stuff I can do right now.I want to be fairly comfortable when the time comes and hubby does too. As always there is a list and personally i don't know anyone who doesn't make one for things.We all do it lol.I want to be organized.

Not alot of people around here knows what we are doing. I found out that when you talk to people about moving off grid they give you a funny look.Like why? I feel like I don't have to explain unless they seem interested. Is that a bad thing? My family back east has no idea what's up and I'll tell you why-once all my family and friends found out I had Bipolar disorder and a few other things,they avoided me like the plague.That's why I'm here in Texas,I couldn't handle their attitude towards me and even if I tried to explain it they wouldn't listen. They had already made up their minds I was nuts. I'm on medications and I feel alot better but it doesn't make a difference with them. So when the idea of going off grid came about it made me feel relaxed to not be under alot of everyday pressure.There are millions of Americans with Bipolar, what's the big deal?

I'm going to try to down this cup coffee and do some beadwork. Today seems like a good day to do it.Got some patterns I want to work. I might even start the checkbook cover I cut out yesterday and see how that goes. Have a good day everyone and I'll post some pictures when I get done!

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