Monday, July 23, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

I've had to rethink so things this week and have come up to the conclusion since I am having a hard time finding property,I am going to have to think outside the box on this stuff.To start with over the weekend I found property in New Mexico up in the mountains and I thought wow this is nice.After further investigation,the nearest doctor and bank was almost 30 miles away and as always you can't believe what a realtor tells you.Oh yes it's ok to live off grid in this area(1st not)there is a doctor nearby(2nd not))they have a bank there(3rd not)It doesn't get much snow(4th not,I saw pictures,its snows heavy)I said to send me a contract,nothing signed so no obligations.I found this all out from talking to some locals about the area and it seems they don't want people coming in and trying to live off grid in their community cause it doesn't get the town to make money,it also seems their pickled about making money on their water and electric utilities.So this is gonna be a big NOT and I will keep looking. I just think from all the phone calls and asking questions I am starting to see a picture unfolding here. I need to be more attentive with the listings and do some heavy digging on these properties and see what kind of community is there.They may all feel that way.

It's a shame a person can not go into a community and feel happy about being there.I think some think that when you live off grid you're poor but that's not the case.But I also feel that they think if they have to pay their big bills everyone else should too.Maybe I'm think wrong but so far I have been met with resistance on this.I read an article not too long ago about a couple who lived in a certain place(no names) but they got on their property and setup house,they lived in an RV and their neighbor got nosy and turned them in and they had to move off their property after they had done got everything started(garden,off grid stuff)but because they didn't have a septic system they had to move all because of said nosy neighbor.So I thought that is a shame,you are the one paying taxes on the property,you are the one spending your money on it,they lived there not bothering anyone and still got the shaft.

The ads on some properties say no restrictions no time limit to build,that to me is a red flag.Check,check,check!After seeing some of these ads I'd call and yes there are things you have to be aware of.Sometimes I think there might be a conspiracy going on

I have looked all the way from Colorado to New Mexico,Texas,Alabama,Tennessee and Kentucky.North is too cold,South has too much humidity.I have been trying to stay in the middle line.Arizona too dry and hot.I can find acres here and there no biggie but.....well I got til the end of the year so maybe by then I'll find it.if not at least my mind will be some place else lol.

Well ok enough of my mindless wanderings.We have been getting some spotted showers here in central Texas but not enough.It feels good when it cools down alittle.I'm trying to figure out what to plant in my pots next.My cherry tomatoes went to big plant heaven and but my bell peppers are doing great and getting bigger.I got to go and get some more seeds. Might as well try my hand at everything. I have some giant gourd basket seeds but I need alot of room for them to grow.And I know gourds need moisture so that's out for here.Well that's all I got for this Monday.I'm gonna go do some thinking and maybe I won't damage my brain too much by doing this.If anyone hears of something let me know still in the market.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have 40 acres in Summersville Missouri that is for sale.