Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another example of packaged seasoning

Fall and winter has always been our time to make Beef Stew. So today I went and fixed one of our favorite dishes. I put it in the crock pot with the seasoning to cook all day and it sure was smelling pretty good this afternoon.So I tested it to see if was done and it was but it lacked something. After much thought,I added so ground cloves and a pinch or two of some celery flakes I had dried.It tasted a lot better so I sat down with a bowl and some leftover biscuits from this morning.

OMG I thought for sure I was going to have call hubstead to come home.I started sneezing and coughing and couldn't breathe,and it made me so mad!Now I have a bad headache and gonna have to nurse it for a while.Still hurting after 4 Advils. I looked on the package seasoning mix and this is what I found-

your regular ingredients,salt,onions,paprika,black pepper,thyme,sugar,tomato
extras-hydrolyzed corn gluten,soy protein and wheat gluten,caramel color,whey(milk),citric acid,yeast extract,xanthan gum(what the hell is that?),beef extract,and natural flavors.

Now something made me have a reaction,I usually don't eat black pepper(could of been it)gluten?maybe.What is those natural flavors?I don't want to know.But you can bet when we get our garden going,I won't be eating none of this stuff.I'll add it myself.

I have a hard time eating anything with black pepper and /or tomatoes.Tomatoes don't give me a hard time as much as the other but I watch my intake of it.I never add black pepper or salt to our food and I let hubstead add his afterwards.Since I have gotten older,it's getting harder and harder to tolerate these two.I love chili and spagetti but have to eat those in moderation.Oh the agony of it all!


  1. We have close to the same reaction when eating anything ready made. All the extras give me a headache. Sure hope your feeling better soon.
    Found your blog through MM's Adding you to the blog roll and starting to read your past posts

  2. I think I will start making my own from now on.