Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pretty Things

I have always liked doilies and when I saw these I thought how cute they would look on the nightstands next to the bed.I am planning on doing our bedroom in Dark green,maroon,light green,and pink with a little flavor of Ireland tossed in.(yes I'm Irish)I have some really nice pictures that will go up on the wall depicting Woodsmen and Castles.I am still at the auction sites I love and am trying to find more.Now all I need to find is the lamps and throw rugs.

I don't know if it was the weather or what but I must have picked up a 24 hour bug somewheres.I stayed in bed most of the day today and sweated it out I hope. I feel alot better.Too bad I didn't have any chicken soup,that would have been so good! I am enjoying this cooler weather and Orion seems to be doing the same. He wants to stay out alot more but we had that rabies scare and I don't let him stay out too long by himself now.He's been chasing that dang rattlesnake back under the house again and I keep telling him he's gonna get bit and he won't like it.When we first got him I caught him outside playing with a local mouse tossing it up in the air.So who needs a cat when I have a bonafied mouse catcher.It was bad I know.Must have been some of that wolf in him.We have a rather large deer mouse living under the trailer.I think it might be what he is chasing too.

This isn't the one but to give you a picture of what one looks like.Ours is so cute,they have the face of a mouse and the body of a rat,tail included but it doesn't seem to be a nuisance however.

Everything is nice and quiet right now at the moment and I keep wondering how it's going to be like at the new place.I was reading an article earlier on how they took a picture of what looks like a juvenile cougar up near there. I'm thinking great this is all I need.But also remembering Alabama has so much in wildlife.Cougar a.k.a.mountain lions,turkeys,quail,deer,feral hogs,foxes and numerous other critters.I told hubstead we are gonna have to have some sort of protection around there.I don't want them eating our chickens or Orion going after them.He has no idea what a critter like that can do to him.

Can't wait to sit on the porch and have my coffee. Looking forward to getting the garden in,yeah I'm getting impatient.I wish we were there already.Just a few more months.The weather says we are suppose have a hard winter this year.Oh well.I got to get me some winter clothes it looks like.I got a feeling we are going to be getting out in it this year and next.


  1. we're starting to get the fall influx of mice activity here, too. heard some squeaking and chewing in the attic. *sigh*

  2. Mice, yuck! But, we get them every year. We now have an outside cat that generally leaves 1-2 on the door step for us in the morning