Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Closing In

Now it's September and it won't be too long til moving time. These months it seems at the end of the year always goes fast.Next year I'll be able to see the springtime blooms of the Dogwoods and other trees.See our oaks trees get leaves and I'm hoping we have a few maples.The fall time in Alabama is usually pretty.Of course I really like the fall in Tennessee.Especially on the Blue Ridge Mountains.Here in Texas ,it's brown from season to season except for the pine trees and cactus.A few trees do good at first until the dreaded heat comes.What was I thinking? Well, I do like the southwest it has been interesting and productive.But you can only do without rain or seeing green for a bit.It's been 5 years since we moved here.We came with nothing to our name and stuff that only fit in our small truck.Now we will have to have a U-haul to move it.I am trying to get some help with getting the cabin moved onto our property before we get there.We wanted it to set up on blocks which the cabin people will do,I just got to get someone out there with the blocks.So much stuff and so little time.Our little cabin will look like this one.May have to have a bigger porch.

We talked about going out on the our porch and sitting and taking a breather from life for a while.Everything has been so hectic here we need it.But things will come as they come and no more running around like a chicken with our heads cut off(no pun intended to my chicken friends).We know there is going to be alot of work going on but just for a few days would like to take some time off.

Today I won an auction for some Roma Tomato seeds and some hot pepper seeds.I am trying to add to what I have., I may be biting off more than I can chew with all these seeds but I want a nice garden.I am only ordering things I know we will eat.I am trying out a few new seeds,I've never ate kale or I think I haven't,I am a salad person during the summer and I got lots of seeds for that.Next year will be deer hunting season and my brother will take hubby out with him YAH!.We have Buffalo here but it's expensive.You don't get much for your money.We'll have deer,turkey,feral hogs,fishing.Oh yes my freezer will be full.Most people there have so much deer in their freezers,they'll be more than happy to give you some.Oh and finally Christmas with family,that will be odd.

Had to go buy some ink for our printer this morning.Decided to go early before this heat started in.I guess that is what I'm tired of ,being a prisoner of this heatwave.
Well I'm off to color my hair and do a trim job on it.I don't like all the gray that shows up.Besides it takes 5 years off my looks LOL!!!


  1. that is a cute cabin! i am excited for you and your move. i'm not envying the stress that will go with it. :)

  2. Really I got the help coming.The place has a barn so that will help with extra storage.Come March we're outta here!

  3. I love the cabin & that porch will be perfect size when you're tired of an evening and sit down with a cuppa. It's small enough you could (in time) screen it for skeeters. My hubby hunts & we rarely have beef anymore. Have you cooked venisen before? Need some recipes?

  4. No Im good on the venison I can cook just about anything.Sister-in-law instructions!LOLAnd thanks for the comments!