Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Signs -Signs-Signs

I decided to make signs to put in the cabin,so,I have been on here trying to make some signs up that will look pretty.In the kitchen until we can get "in the habit" I am making one for the kitchen scraps that will go into the compost heap.Usually the stuff went in the garbage can.Another one will have to go in the bathroom for the compost toilet til we get the septic tank put in.Another will have to be made for the burn barrel.I'm debating on telling people if you bring in plastic,take it with you.Good idea? I really don't want anything plastic on the property.Hard to get rid of.You think that might be rude of me?

I have been on here and looking locally for glass containers and lids.I really like Corning Ware.My mother-in-law has some.I'll get it later.But for now I'd like to have some.I also broke her lid on one of them long ago,oops.I can't believe how expensive this stuff has become.Just like Tupperware I guess.I got to get my collection of cast iron pots and skillets going to.I love cooking in these things!We have stainless steel now and if you don't spray them with non stick spray,yes they do stick bad.Used to when I was younger and had no patience,sometimes I would get so aggravated at the skillet sticking,it would end up in the yard.Many and one skillets ended up that way.Now I just watch what I buy.

Oh I miss mine!I had quite a few pieces but lost them(no I didn't throw em out the door).They have a place here that have small pots with the lids.It's a surplus store,mmm think I might try there again.

Ok back to the signs.Someone has told me that we need to put No Trespassing signs around the property.I will have to put some up for Orion,he's such a good watch dog and will sound an alarm before hand if someone walks up to the house. We are going to be setting off the road,as a matter a fact,you won't even be able to see the cabin from the road.We are trying to figure out about a gate too for the driveway. I wished in a way I could find something here,something unique to put up.Nothing fancy but a reminder of Texas.No stars though.Of course a chain thru a fence post will work too lol.Good grief I just looked at some No Trespassing signs,I didn't know there were so many!

Well just some thoughts here to look back on,some for Tuesday.Thanks for reading!

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  1. I bet your head is just swimming with plans! I love my cast iron skillets. The girls keep trying to borrow them but noooooooo way!