Thursday, November 1, 2012

In the Mood

I'm not much of a Halloween person even though the origin of it is pretty interesting.
I'm more of a Thanksgiving and Christmas type.So I thought I would just post this,hubstead said it was just wrong.

ok I got them turned around but you get the picture.

Alright off to another subject.I have been watching the news and reading articles on the storm Sandy.I feel bad for the people in New York but at the same time people who live along the coast should know how to be prepared for a storm.Living in Florida and Louisanna for many years taught me some very valuable lessons.Always never let your guard down when it comes to storms.They tell you it's coming do what you got to do.I personally can live with out a cell phone(I know bite my tongue)but seriously if you can't get a signal you can't call right? Have a backup plan especially if you have young children,they are looking up to you when they are scared.I replied to a post earlier saying that when Hurricane Katrinas high winds came thru Birmingham,Alabama we lost power.No problem we had oil lamps that were on the wall and we lit them and went about our busy way.As far as cooking,we had a Coleman stove to cook on and make coffee.We were fine thru that ordeal.What was off was our neighbors came to our house wondering why we had lights.Oh yeah it was time for a lesson and a walk thru the house to show them we were prepared.I did not mind at all showing them how it was done.And as you know we are moving back home and the only thing(so far) we will have is water but no electric.No biggie for me I got my Coleman stove and my coffee pot,I'm good to go.Brother is going to let us use his generator,which,I really don't like using some eles stuff you know,I'm that type of person.But we are prepared.I got a can opener and a pot and fire,it's heaven to me.

Maybe this disaster is something that will jolt people into being more prepared.I pray for them and hope them all the best.


  1. Emergency preparedness is important. I think that sometimes the natural disasters hit harder than people imagine. People might think they are prepared, then realize that their preparations weren't quite enough for the situation. In any case, hopefully clean-up from Sandy will go quickly, and all of us (whether affected by Sandy or not) will make efforts to be better-prepared.

  2. I think storm may have proved it's point.People are going to be more aware now when a storm approaches.I so feel for the ones who were scared and no place to go more than anything. I can relate.I've been watching the cleanup/attempted clean up and hope they get thru it safely.