Friday, December 14, 2012

Kitty and Orion Never MOM!

Hubstead found this kitty at work and brought it home.It was a sweet kitten and very lovable.It must have had a run in with dogs because he did not like Orion.I brought this kitten in and when it seen Orion well I got the worse end of it.I now have scratches on my face and head(yes head) and back where it decided that was the safest place to go.I took it into hubsteads office and shut the door.Meanwhile Orion is having a fit.So he gets mad and decides to leave kitty alone and stay right up under my feet.When hubstead gets home I hope his office isn't a mess lol.Anyway he found someone from work to take kitty home because we see right now Orion won't put up having a cat in the house.I know Orion is a good mouse catcher so I guess we won't get one for the farm.He can sniff out a mouse like crazy,I've seen him do it.

Today we are going to our local movie place and pickup another series of NCIS(we love that show) and going to get some fish and chips or shrimp or something in that line.I've been watching the weather channel and I feel for the people in Arizona and New Mexico and Colorado,they are getting snow right now pretty hard.Hope they stay safe!

Have a great Friday today everyone!!!!

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