Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornaments ,beads,leatherwork

We haven't celebrated Christmas in years.Why? Well when you have only two people and a dog for the most part you have a tendency to just want to be together during that time.There has been times hubstead has had to work or just money was tight.We didn't mind it and still don't.We don't get out during these holidays,people get crazy and like to rush theirselves too much.So this year with all the packing and plans we are going to skip it again but next year is going to be totally different.Next year we'll have relatives being curious about our cabin and see what we are up to and that will feel strange cause we haven't had relatives close by in a long time.Here I have a sister who don't like me very well and won't have anything to do with me.A nephew who lives a block over who hasn't been in our house since we moved in 5 years ago.So you see how my family is.The ones in Alabama are more family oriented and will be curious about us til the new wears off lol.So once we get use to each other it will smooth out.They already know about my bipolar and it's nothing to them,they still want to see me.Most run the other way and I'm not kidding on that.

Now for the good part,I have ordered some brass rings to make my own little dreamcatcher ornaments for next year.I have these stray beads I have been saving for this project.When I get one made I'll post it. Every year I find one ornament for a tree and save them.I have one that is a wooden carved bear that I transformed into a Zuni fetish.The bear is suppose to lighten emotional burden. I'm making some little dolls and animals to hang up.It's gonna be so cute.I haven't really found anything here in Texas to get yet.I've been looking.I'd like to find something to represent us being here for these 5 years.I don't think a rattlesnake around the tree will help lol!

It has been an adventure being here going from zero,nadda,nothing,walking in the door with only what we had in our truck and then having to rent a truck to haul it back home.It's been a some what of a rough ride but it has been so worth it.

This is my doll I made all by hand.

These things have seen better days.I use to go to the PowWows(Native American gatherings) in them.

I have a great time making traditional stuff.I have a full length cape(not native) I made when hubstead and I first got married and I still have it.The things is 27 years old and I can still wear it.We are into old things like the mountainman/indian era and I try to make it as orignal as I can.Now you see why we are gonna love living off the land and a cabin.I'd love to have a log cabin but this one will do just fine.

This was a joint effort-

Some of hubsteads work-

I thought I would share some of the beadwork and hope you have enjoyed it!

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