Thursday, June 20, 2013

I think WE have LOST our MINDS

I'm sitting here still stunned by the conversation I had with hubstead yesterday. I was sitting here thinking about the prices of this and that and hubstead walks in,sits, down looks over at me and says"I was thinking about what you said". UH? And he said "let's move to Alaska". What? Yeah.He told me no he wasn't kidding,he said I am tired of being hot and I want to go some place cooler.Yeah? He has been there before and he said as long as he can stay warm he didn't care. What did I think? Let me backtrack here,everyone knows we have had an up and down on finding property and Alaska has some nice property for sale there.I have looked there before but it was always 'NO".3905 miles to there from here. mmmm oh mercy.I'd have to check about passports Orion needs his shots,what are we gonna take?Thousands of things are running amok thru my brain right now. I'm thinking about calling my shrink for some pills.

I would love to see the Aurora Borealis and Mount McKinley.It was on my bucket list ya know.So what if I see it now.I am so surprised at this new concept.I really don't want to stay here where the heat is so oppressive and with all the other crap going on now I'm thinking it may be a good idea to do something different.There is no property to be has back east and it's getting hotter here in the west.I will let you know what is happening within a few days and see what comes about,it won't be however anytime this year so we are looking at March again.

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