Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Closer

Well our loan went thru and even the loan officer said he didn't know how we did it but we got what we requested on payments and I didn't bother to tell him that I prayed hard for this. This coming week will be a flurry of us trying to pack up and go thru the rest of this trailer. It's amazing how much junk we collected. Went to Sams and got our stainless steel mixing bowls we had been wanting. I have learned so much about cooking here and I want a nice kitchen setup when we get there. We got a really nice size kitchen to work with. The doublewide is a 28x56. 3 bedrooms,2 full baths, a gas fireplace, livingroom, and you see the porch. I also have a utility room. That's going to be a lot of painting and yes it needs it bad. We got more boxes and I finally ordered my southwest bedspread. I told my sister-in-law I got them a blanket for her and my brother from the same place and she said I didn't have to do that. I told yeah I did for all the running around they have done for me. I thought it was only fair. I wanted to showed how much I loved them and appreciated what they had done. I thought she was going start crying.Mostly we are going to be near a lake that my brother fishes at a lot. He is tickled we are coming home and can't wait. mmmm.

I don't know how long we will have to do without internet service.That's up in the air.Things are going to be tight for abit. Once we get there and get settled in we'll figure out what we have and if it's feesable.I would like to be back online so I can post pictures. I plan on taking pictures when we leave and on our trip. Mostly before and after pictures of the house while we fix it up. So I'll make sure I have extra batteries for the camera!
Orion has a lot of backyard to roam. It's going to be tough on him because all he knows is being here. I'll have to deal with fleas and ticks more often now.I know he'll be happier though.He knows something is going on because mommy and daddy are bringing in these boxes and they don't belong to him to play with. We got him a load of dogbones so he'll have a supply. Sometimes that helps being in a new place.I would like to see him just stay in the yard but I got one of those that you let him off the leash,you'll never see him.I guess its in his nature to do that. We're looking at doing some training on that front.He'll settled in.I know he'll enjoy not having to be scared of all the noises he gets here.

Ok will write more soon.Have a great Sunday!


  1. How fantastic!! So excited for you! Now, get a note book and make notes of each day...that what when you do have or, are around internet you can write a quick post for us. So happy for you! How long of a drive will it be?

  2. 802 miles too long lol.We're gonna rent a 6x12 uhaul trailer and drive the truck. Orion can have the back seat to himself. He'll be sore but will be fine.That is a good idea with the notebook.I can't wait to do the pictures!