Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Little bit of Time

Well I shut my Facebook down for now and trying to spend some time on here before we shut it down. I'm calling the local cable company over there to see what kind of internet service we can get. I really need to be online because I do some shopping and genealogy. It may be a month if I do get hooked up. So I won't be gone too long. But I hope they don't charge a arm and a leg. Hubstead likes to be online too.

Once we get going,I'm going to put my tabletop computer in the kitchen for cooking.I managed to get a lot of recipes from some online sites and have tried a few.I don't know yet how big my kitchen will be but so far I may have enough room to fix it up really good. We are not going to have enough room for all my fixer up projects to go in the uhaul so gonna have to do some selling this week and getting rid of a lot of stuff.I don't mind,I talked to my sister-in-law and she is going to take me down to a place with discount furniture. She already has a bead on me another washing machine and livingroom suite lol. Well not much now but I'm going to go ahead and sign off.I hope to write more and post some pictures. Just leave a comment and I'll WILL get back to you soon.Hope to have something for all of you next month.

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  1. Well internet is available but don't know if we can afford it.BUMMER!