Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'll be so glad to get going .Been sitting too long. Put an ad in the local newspaper for land,well see how that goes.We live near the base  and these planes are driving my poor dog nuts. Besides the noise they do something over there that makes a loud boom and when he hears it he tries to make a hole.His nerves are racked and so are mine.

He's 4 years old and he's a mixed lab.He's the light of my life .he took Alot of my pain away from losing my other two dogs back east. He's spoilt and loves his milkbones.When we get out in the country I was thibking of how to make him milkbones from scratch.Found alot of good recipes. When we get chickens thats gonna be a different story considering he hates cats.But I think I can convince him to not chase em.He's gonna as new at it as I will be.

Ok now on to something else. I picked up two 5 gallon buckets to hold flour and sugar. I need more to hold some other stuff. You can get the buckets at Walmart for under 3.00 a piece.You know when you get to sit and thinking about what all you need? Well I make a list of stuff that I think I need or may need soon.So 5 gallon buckets are on that lol. Of course I make lists all the time,sometimes more than one DUH!

My cherry tomato plants are coming along great ,I got real small tomatoes coming in. The bush looks like its going to be producing alot.My purple tomatoes are not doing well but its still early.I figured I'd get a head start on what I can grow and get some time in.I have seeds like beans and peas and some gourds and cantaloupes but not ready for that. I can't grow anything here in this park.You're not allowed to dig up the yard.BLAH BLAH BLAH lol! I want to see how the weather is going to do. My next door neighbor was allowed for her daughters school project to put a small garden in the back in and at first it done good but then the corn didn't look good and her squash was a little skinny. The soil here is not very healthy for plants.

I've seen some substitutes for planters I'd like to try. Like the pallets and tires and fence planters with coffee cans.I'm saving containers that I get from our local grocery store to put other stuff in. We go to Sams and you know how big some of their stuff is since you buy in bulk,well I keep the coffee creamer for Orions dogfood and right  now I keep some for sugar.easier to handle.The plastic coffee cans I keep and put dried beans in them.If you don't want to keep the cans keep the plastic lids cause they will fit corelle dishes(the small bowls) found that out by mistake lol.So I keep a few for that.

I try to reuse any containers with either snap,screw top lids. Good to know when times are tough or you need space.

These are some containers you can use for anything you need to put up.

I can find just about anything to use so it keeps stuff out of the landfill. I could buy new stuff but it's not the same. I sew by hand too and make stuff for the house. I have an array of things that I like to do. My beadwork keeps me busy but I'll blog on that later. Well I hope this helped out someone,Its a start!

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