Monday, May 21, 2012

Ready for a change

My computer got wiped out yesterday,I clicked on a site and that was it. Unfortunately it was a website for off grid living. Too bad too.Well been talking to hubby about the off grid living thing and I think I got him on board. He doesn"t do change real well so we'll see.But he's tired of our money going out the door.My Cherry tomatoes are doing very well,I have alot of blooms on them. I decided to go ahead and make a get list of things I think we are going to have to have to start this adventure out with. I posted on yahoo groups for a propane frig. I figured starting out it would help. We used to live in a camper so I'm going on that theory.Everything else we already have except a toilet and solar panels. I was looking on Ebay for a solar setup.

I don't know yet where to find land but I also know we better hurry up and find something.At this point I just want to get settled down some wheres.The only problem I'm having is since we are going to start out with just the basics,I am a cool weather person and I'm not much into the heat.Whereas hubby is a heat person,so we are going to have to find a spot that is suitable for the both of us. Hey everyone keep your ears out LOL.

I have some giant gourd basket seeds that I can't wait to plant.I think tho they are going to have to have moisture for them to grow right.I'll be selling these when I get them done.I also have beadwork for sale.I used to sell on Ebay and I sold stuff on there for a long time,I still have my account but don't sell for now. Maybe later I'll get back into that. I can do lots of things with my hands and I love selling stuff so maybe this will work out to my advantage.I can do most leatherwork but never got into the carving part. I kinda like plain looking leather.

I can't wait to get some peace and quiet. When you live in a mobile home park it can get very loud.The weather here is nice and is going to get hot today.I have to remind myself to water my plants. I planted some purple tomatoes and they seem not to do so well here.Ready for a change.

I would love to hear from people who had made a decision to do what we are planning on doing and doing it from scratch. It would be refreshing to get other ideas.

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