Sunday, May 20, 2012

Off grid living

Well since I'm new to this ,I'm gonna give it a try. I live here in Abilene Texas and have been here for 4 and half years. I am at this point in life that I'm looking for something different . I have been  diagnosed with bipolar and  was thinking of off grid living to ease some stress in my life. I was partially raised in the country back east,I'm from Alabama and country life has always suited me. I get so excited about learning different things even at my age. When I was in my twenties I learned how to make homemade baked bread which now comes in handy when things get tight. I taught myself beadwork and now have a good bit of working with them to bead just about anything. I started out doing leatherwork and changed over. I recently put out some tomatoes plants in pots because where I live digging in the ground is not allowed. They are alot bigger now and I grew them from seeds.

I really have been looking for a place where I can get a garden started next year and live a simplier life. I would love to find some property around here to start my idea off grid living but since talking to some local authorities it seems that in order to do this you have to have a septic system installed ,now septic systems are not cheap and with my little bit I have I saw i couldn't afford it. So I'm really trying to think outside the box on this idea. I've  posted several questions to others to see if someone could come up with anything so please send it ,post,let me know.

All I do now is sit and look thru hundreds of postings and see if anyone else has had an idea. This is something I really want to do. If I could find something I want to post all the progress I can on here and let others know if I can do it so can they.I'm not rich or have had alot of money but I think my dream is not too far fetched.

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  1. When your looking to move just remember to check around to see what some in the area think about the building permit process. Here in our area of West Virginia they are very lax on rules and inspections. Out here you pretty much do what you want and no one bothers you. It makes life much easier. Also keep in mind that I live in a very very rural area of the boonies.