Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just the little things

This was a surprise. Meet our Texas scorpion. He got in somehow probably by me leaving the front door open at night. Found the little guy in the bath tub.I captured him and put in the cup and examined him,he seemed not too happy but I waited for hubby to come home from work to show him what I had and then I went and let him go. He eats bugs and stuff and I really liked him.This was my first scorpion to catch. This is what I found on them-Scorpions There are about 18 species of scorpions in Texas with most of them found in the Big Bend area. They have an average size of 2 inches. (He was two inches) The color may vary from dark to light. Although Texas scorpions are not considered deadly, they can inflict a sharp, painful, sting which may produce a local reaction. Individual reactions may vary. The venom is a neurotoxin and anyone stung should be watched closely for adverse or allergic reaction. So he stays outside unless he finds his way back in and then back out he goes.I just wanted to shared my critter with you.


  1. Hello, normally I'm a "live and let live" kinda gal, I even catch and release spiders from the house if possible... snakes, lizards and such are fine, but when it comes to scorpions, I declared war on them about a year ago.

    We had a rash of them inside the house, we were finding one and two each night. The evening one crawled on me then stung me on my finger, that did it for me, I bombed my house 2X that week, that doesn't kill them BTW, it just makes them sick. I do NOT like chemicals either, but this was war.

    I purchased a 51 LED blacklight flashlight, these critters light up like you wouldn't believe under UV light. I would go out and search around the house in about a 15-20 foot radius, I killed each and every scorpion I could find. Each one can live several years, spawning lots of baby scorpions in the process.

    A bit extreme? Yes, will I continue? Yes. Their stings HURT! Wanna talk about a "localized reaction"? That's what happened after I got stung, and it resulted in lots of dead scorpions.

    Oh, I'm also feeling the same way about a new invasion, the kissing bugs, they feed on you at night, they have been particularly bad this year because of the rain.


  2. Oh my goodness I only found this one and now everytime I go in the bathroom I do an inspection and shake out our covers LOL