Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More rain

I haven't blogged in a couple days been alittle busy. We got more rain last few days and its a welcome relief here in our great state of Texas. So far I haven't gotten any response to my ad I placed back east for some property.If I do ok if I don't it's ok too. Still looking at ads and just looking to what is out there. If anyone reads this keep an eye open will ya! My tomato plants are doing great,going to get some soon. My peppers are doing better every time it rains they grow a little more. I have blooms but they are not open yet so maybe these won't fall off. today it got 105 degrees outside til that thunderstorm arrived and it cooled down nicely. Now my husband is looking to build a pond and we have been looking at plans. We are partial to a Japanese style garden yard and a pond would be so nice.I like the bamboo and water fountains.A yard done this way is so pretty. Back home I took him to the Japanese gardens in Birmingham and at that time they didn't have water running thru their streams but all in all it was still pretty. We have always talked about the small maple trees and bonsai trees we'd like to have.We are planning on planting fruit trees too.I have been looking for anything that is solar. I'm buying now so when this happens( and yes it will happen), comes around we won't be short on stuff.I'm so excited. I cringed when we have to turn on the air conditioner cause I know that when it's on the bill is going to be high.At 105 you betcha I had it on.I would love to find a place with wind all year round and not so hot.I love the snow but he's not very fond of it.As long as he don't have to get out in it.But he will if he has to. I feel so bad for the people who are in New Mexico and Colorado right now. I hope they haven't lost everything. I've seen it happen with house fires and it's so sad. I would be scared to death if I saw a wall of fire coming knowing i couldn't stop it.So I hope we all pray for their safety. Well that's all for now,it's 4:41 in the morning and i think I will go fix some biscuits and sausage.

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