Monday, June 4, 2012

Lets See What Happens

I finally put an ad in a local newspaper back home for property in the area. I didn't want to move back home but now its seems like we are going to. I talked to my brother and he was excited about me coming home. He said he would help us get the cabin going and since he likes to fish and hunt and I'll have the garden seems like a smart match. Good trade with things we thinks lol.He's asking around and my ad will run for six weeks ,the paper will run the ad for free. After much thought about living in the desert and living generally in the southwest I have come to the conclusion that its not for me. I like the freshness of the air here but I also like the rain and we don't get enough. What I want to do,I can do better there.My basket gourds would do better because they need moisture and a garden would not be a hassle because of the soil. See Alabama like all southern states has always been farmed. All my ancestors were farmers,it in the blood I guess. But I like to grow stuff so it'll be fun. When my brother and I talked he asked about electric hook up,I told him we were going solar and he asked about water,I said probably either well or tank and I asked him about a septic system and he said it would cost me only 1500.00 to put one in.Well that's a seller cause here its 12,000.00. He is going to help with the cabin,hes a wiz with a hammer and nail.I knew he had put an addition onto his house and it looks great.So what do you think I'm going to do? See my husband can drive a nail but not good at measuring stuff. I bet two heads will be better than one. Besides little does my hubby know what I got in store for him with the garden. My sister-in-law ,we talked about chickens and composting. She is the one person I can just about talk to about anything. When you live in a small town its rough to make friends cause everyone already knows your business.I'm sure some of you can relate. Everyone knows my brother and he knows them.My sister-in-law ,she stays by herself and it's just her and my brother and her kids and grandchildren. She can't wait til I get there so she will have something different to do lol. And someone else besides who she talks to. You know how family is! And she can come to our house to hide from them lol. One thing I know we will have to do right off the bat is put up a fence for our dog. My brother told me that the coyotes are coming right up in the yard and several cats have gone missing,including theirs and next door.Well I don't want my dog to try to fight coyotes so a fence is a must. next will have to figure out how to protect the chickens I'm planning on having against them too. The county and state done alot of construction work there and upset the balance of the local wildlife.Progress will do it. May have some rain coming tonight. My tomato plants will welcome that.Will have to wait and see.I am so ready to move and get this going.I feel better knowing that somewhere there is a little acre waiting on me.I love Alabama with the trees and rivers and wildlife.I do miss it.I hesitate because all of my problems I had with my family was back there and I had to get away from them. Let me explain this.I have bipolar disorder and when I was home I wasn't on my meds and I was constantly fighting with them. Now I have been back on my meds and feel like I can handle life again. I was born with this and will die with it unfortunately. This is one reason to get back to the simple way of living.fresh veggies from the garden,no distractions,keeping balanced. I think it does a person good to find a balance in this world. This would be mine.YEP JUST LIKE RIDING THE WAVES!

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