Friday, June 29, 2012

This is going to be NICE!

For all who has read my posts,I have been in a frill looking for property.Well week after next we sign the papers,after all gotta pay for it right? My sister-in-law and brother went yesterday and looked at it and when I called they flat out told me that we would be fools not to buy this. It's a little over an acre,fenced all the way around.sits off to itself,has a two car garage with a built on 16x16 unit(hubbys' office space:)and lots of garden room and natural large rocks in the front.I also earth googled it and it is remote in the country,you can hollar all you want and the neighbors won't hear ya! My sister-in-law told me to definitely put a deck out back. We are going to convert the two car garage into a cabin.The only thing we have a major thing to do is put in a septic system.The perc test is already done.Oh and it has a gate in the front.So here we go I got lots of planning to do. We can't move onto the property til next spring but that's a good thing.We have to stay here til then and I figured we would get some things here we can't get there.

I have so many emotions running thru me right now because if you dream it and strive towards your goal you'll succeed. We are by no means rich ,we are like anyone else.Sometimes you have to keep looking. I have been searching for YEARS so yeah its something.I hope that anyone else out there who is looking will find it I really do. It can be done you just have to rethink and prioritize your life.

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  1. Good for you guys! Be sure to post photos of what you do there. It's a real boost to your self-esteem when you can look back and actually see all you've accomplished! Congratulations and loads of good luck!