Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making a List and another and another......

Today I will sit and make my to do list and do not forget to get list and another one for why I have to make lists lol. So many things are going to have to get done . Even tho we won't be moving for a bit I want to make sure when we do I have what we need before we get there. Sounds right? Ok.

All we have there is a wood burning stove (not the cooking kind)so we need outdoor stuff like a chainsaw and such.
Unfortunately I won't be able to post any pictures until we get there so batteries will have to go on the list.

I have been collecting usable containers for storage. Since I plan on putting in a garden and I have already bought some seeds but will have to buy more.I have a fair collection started but already see need a variety.My brother is going to help hubby with some of the remodeling and in return we are going to give them some veggies when they get grown.Since we couldn't go look at the property they went and looked at it for us.I knew if they liked it we would,I trust their judgement completely.

Found out we have a bunch of squirrels living on the property.There are trees there and my dog is going to have a field day.See he has never seen a squirrel so this is going to be funny when he gets to chasing them.Maybe he will run some of the fat off he's accumulated since we have lived here.He's not really fat but he could use some exercise.

Now a little about the property.It has a two car garage which my brother said its doable for remodeling into a cabin and it has a room attached 16x16.We don't know if we are going to convert it into an office or a bedroom. It has oaks tree and pine on it and it's a little over an acre.And we have no neighbors except up the road.The rest is cow pastures around us.It has electricity and water but no septic system so tomorrow is phone call day and the owner has sent the contract to us to look over in the mail,so I am going to have to call a surveyor and call for land insurance.

I didn't factor the land insurance in with the payments but better to be safe than sorry. If you haven't read this we are going back to Alabama.The property is out in the country but not that far from town. It is exactly what I have been looking for. With what the owner has offered its cheap compared to what we have found in the state.What's really odd-my adopted mother was born in this county and some of her people still live there.Strange......

My hubby is excited too. He's had his fill of this place. My brother is going to take him hunting and that is something hubby has been wanting to do for a long time.He just really didn't want to go with someone or a group he didn't know.He's like me I'm not good with strangers.That will help fill up our freezer with deer meat and there are alot of deer around there.I am the fisherman I love to fish and brother has a boat cause he goes fishing too.I just have to learn when I am with him to be quiet,he likes quiet lol.

Well I think i have covered things pretty good today,I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July and be safe!

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