Monday, July 9, 2012

And then the Rain is here

Oh it felt so good when it clouded up and started raining. The sky was dark and it was thundering and lightning. Big drops of rain was falling. We in all our old wisdom decided to take a run to Walmart ahead of it.We done good about getting there and we done some shopping,afterwards, when we got ready to leave and went to the front doors,Oh CRAP! it was coming down in sheets.It felt so good and it cooled down abit afterwards.We got loaded up and soaking wet and when we went to drive out of the parking lot,it was coming down so hard we smacked a shopping cart we didn't see. Thank goodness there was no damage to the truck.I told hubby "not again will I go out when it's like that!" I couldn't believe how dark it got. Poor Orion was scared when we got home.Orion is our dog.After plenty of hugs and kisses I assured him mommy was home for the night.

Monday started out with cinnamon buns and coffee.More storms should be in the forecast for this evening and tonight. It's still hot outside and now it's muggy. I haven't felt weather like this since living in Florida. At least the plants got watered.They seem to do better with rain water(well DUH me)than tap.I guess it's the chemicals in this water.I was going to set my 5 gal. bucket out before we left and forgot as usual.If it rains tonight I will. I keep 5 gal jugs to put rain water in and my indoor plants get watered too they love it.

I am pretty good about growing indoor plants,they are not too bad to tend to. I just hope I can manage a garden when the time is right.I think I may have to invest in a back brace and see how that goes.

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