Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Thrill of Blog Reading

well here it is Sunday and I've been reading thru some of the new blogs. I can't tell you how much these blogs inspire me to keep pushing for the life I want.I can sit for hours and read everyone I got on my list,their blogs.Amazing.You people are great!Keep writing.

I'm still looking for land and it might not be in Alabama now. I just don't see where we can find any in our price range. We are going to wait til the end of the year to see what is out there.The only reason we were looking for property back home was because my brother was going to help hubby with the building stuff because I have a hard time doing things like that.I have a bad hip and back so the help would of been nice. but now if we can't get anything there we may have to find a place else where which means he will have to hire help(money we don't have ) to help him.MMMM... will have to do some thinking.

Anyways my plants are going fast,the sun here has just about fried them .My poor cherry tomato plant looks like Charlie Browns little Christmas tree but my peppers are doing better.I got a few on them after spraying them with epsom salt spray.That worked very well even tho the leaves are drooping.Everyone I talked to back home said they couldn't stand the heat wave because they aren't used to it. I tell them hey try coming out here in the southwest HA!.So different and dry too. Hot wind from Mexico,we get it from the Atlantic and Pacific and the mountains.I call it a vortex of weather.One extreme to the other.But I have enjoyed it here alot. It has a little bit of everything.I like being close to different stores and I don't have to go far to the bank. It's a nice place just dusty. If I could find something here I'd be happy but property in this county is expensive too. BLAH!

Well I'm sure we will find something,I still look at websites that sell property and ask questions. I see tho we are going to have to be careful about who we deal with. It's getting crazy out there.

I sat last night and made another dang list. I got so many now it's pathetic.But it gives me something to do besides my beadwork. We need to start looking for some items on my list(Lowes and Walmart here we come) and get these things stocked up. I want to be prepared so it will be a smooth transition.Anything solar I love it.

Can't wait til we turn off this cable nothing but commercials now. It ticks me off that that's all we are paying for anymore.The electric bill will be high too because Texas has the highest utility grid in the nation(go figure right?). We won't be on it soon.

Well it's two o"clock in the afternoon and I think I will go take a nap.I feel like I am resting up for something.We finally are going to get a new mattress and box springs next weekend and maybe things won't hurt as bad.This will be the first time in 27 years of marriage we get a new one LOL.Something is looking up.


  1. Hey, fellow Texan, thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to jump over and visit you! I love Abilene. I take it that home is Alabama. My hubby and I lived there for a year while he was doing construction work..we were in Creola.
    Where are ya'll trying to move to? I love your's beautiful!