Friday, July 6, 2012

Funny thing about Junk

I was sitting here thinking about a long time ago, people were considered poor when they grew their own vegetables or made their own clothes.Even if they built their own houses,you were considered poor because you didn't have the money to let someone else do it.

Then it slowed a bit.People had some money and started buying food from the grocery stores and bought furniture and bought houses.They bought "stuff" for their homes and kids.But for poor families,clothes were handed down to the youngest or whichever sibling could wear it,if you were lucky you got big brothers' or big sisters' shoes.

When money was available you went on vacation to different places while families who couldn't stayed home and went to the local river or watering hole or just had a picnic outside.The word"make do" wasn't in some peoples vocabulary,for others it was a necessity.Funny how times change.And funny how peoples thinking has changed.

Now- you aren't considered poor when you become self sufficient.(Reverting back)People who have the headaches of every day life are wishing for simple times.

Now on to the junk part-have you ever thought that when you went to garage sales and antique stores and yard sales to either look or was looking for something in particular, exactly where that piece or item really came from.How it got there and how many hands did it go thru? Sometimes when I went and was looking at stuff especially a really nice item I wondered where did it come from? Who had it ,what kind of person would give something like this up?Sometimes I would ask and most times it was "I don't know".I have always tried to find that special vase or planter or whatever for my house. I have found alot of stuff over the years. Mine too has ended up in a yard sales or garage sales. But I always knew where at least it came from or a brief history of it.

That's why one mans junk is another mans treasure.I don't go to these sales hardly anymore. But it's nice to know that they are there so we can furnish our homes with treasures.And the saying why do you want that piece of junk when you can go buy something brand new,ITS NOT THE SAME!

I wrote this like this because it's a great find to find something that people "back then"used. I love antiques with a passion and if I could buy them all I would but knowing that someones hands touched it so they could "make do" gives me a insight of simplier times ,something in my soul give me peace and content.I am from a family that even in modern times did it the old way.You find yourself thinking like they did, mmmm funny thing about junk ,but it's not to me!

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