Friday, July 6, 2012

Always do your HOMEWORK!

Well I'm sad to say that land deal didn't work out. I'm glad I'm intelligent enough to do research before signing on the dotted line. The man already had a loan out on the property and he wanted us to get involved with him to help him pay it off. But there was also a third party involved I was unsure of. So all in all I said no because he was being too invasive and I really think he thought we were idiots.He was glad to get off the phone with me this morning.I'm sure there were legitimate papers(maybe) but do call the tax offices and courthouse when getting involved with a deal.So we will wait til the end of the year and try to find some property that has a clear deed on it.

My Great Great Grandparents-hot couple uh? lol.

Guess home will have to wait.

I have been wanting some venison lately and some fresh fish.Looks like I got to start a new tackle box.I like to fish.

Glad it's Friday,i don't have much planned for the weekend. Been kinda noisy around here with the fireworks. Orion has been on pins and needles.He hates loud noises. That's one reason i can't wait til we move. I want some peace and quiet! So does he. We had a Rott that used to love to lay on the front porch and watch the lightning and the thunder didn't bother her.And she loved hot sauce(she was strange).My other dog he was afraid of loud noises but he would always get between me and someone else if he didn't know them. He was a mixed Rott.

Ok I just wanted to write some tidbits here and there for today. I feel alot better knowing we are not getting involved with these people and hopefully we will find something soon.

Note to self-NEVER sneeze facing a fan LOL.

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