Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth Of July 2012

As I sit here thinking about what I want to write for the 4th I want to be careful about what I want to write.I have an odd sense when it comes to America and the freedom we should have - yes I said should have.

Being that we are getting regulated on every thing we do. I am not a radical and it's not even in my thinking. But it bothers me that we should be able to do and live without interuptions from our government.Will a small farm come under regulations?Taxed to the max? Will it be wrong to give our family and friends food from the farm? I hope not.

I saw some tobacco seeds online here while back.And I thought is it legal to buy tobacco seeds and grow it for your own use? What about the coffee plants you can buy online? Will that be regulated? So far "No".I ask because it seems we can't do anything in this country without someone saying you can or can not do this and that.Now if we look at the Constitution how many people really understand it?

How many of you realize that local laws are taking over every aspect of our lives? County and city officials seem to make up laws every year when things don't suit their pockets.(think about it)Who has a nicest house in most towns? I won't even start about doctors!

You know most people now are moving out to the country to grow their own food and live a quiet life.And here now we have people who have moved to the country to produce meth and other drugs. So guess what,everyone who moves out like this is always going to be under watch just to make sure you aren't doing anything illegal.See I said I have an odd sense.But it's scary to try to do something and the law up your butt going what are doing?why?

I personally don't want to do anything illegal and if you know the law it helps.One thing that has been told to me is that any county or city official can not come on your property without notice if you have No Trespassing signs up.They have to call you to come there.I would think most states are like that.Where I'm going it is.So I got lucky on that part.

I have read alot of info online about off grid living and talked to alot of people.I find that some states and counties are laxed on buildings and codes and the people seem to do well.They are living their dream,good for them. How long before their lives get regulated? I hope not I really do.

It's all about money and it is.If these places don't tax people no roads and communities grow,I understand that. Then on the other hand look at global warming,we are warming because of too much growth.Too much concrete.Sad-all about money.Thats why people are moving around the world to a greener lifestyle. When will the government take control of that? literally? Cities and towns and counties and states want to gripe about pollution but don't want to do anything about it because -it's all about the money!

Well there is my take,our freedom isn't free we pay for it in taxes and regulations.No wonder we are stressed to the limit.Can we fight it/YES know the state and local laws help.This isn't the sixties anymore LOL.Hippies knew about life and how to live.Green was then and it is now.I hope we can get back to cleaner air, better water and good food.But really I don't see it happening any time soon. I know there are alot of people out there that want to make the change but can't because of money problems.Land is getting expensive because land sellers know why people want land now. This is called the "new trend".And they are raising land thru the roof.

I am willing to share my food with people especially my family and friends and even strangers.And I am willing to teach them about how to become self sufficiant.MMMM.... teaching, good thought.

It's about being free and dependant on ourselves.Learn as much as you can and keep an open mind. As long as there is an America to live in we should consider ourselves so blessed compared to other countries.That is what keeps me here.Freedom is in the mind,heart and spirit and that is something NOBODY can take!

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!

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