Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beads and more beads

My little go everywhere purse.It's made out of leather and beads I did myself.Much lighter than that bulky bag I carry!

My card holder that carries my drivers license and stuff.

my little beaded change purse. yes it has something in it LOL!

My neighbor was sweet enough to give me these shells they found along a riverbank here.Native Americans use them to burn sage and sweetgrass in. I need to get some more,I'm totally out. But they are really nice shells.

These are just some things I enjoy doing.I have alot more beaded stuff.ok I couldn't resist and believe me i tried but here is a bunch more pictures!

I am into doing bracelet cuffs now.

And belt buckles.

And another,this one is my favorite.

I've done alot of these.

This is Charley the Lizard.I did him on a piece of scrap paper. I used washable markers and added alittle smearing to him.You can see my fingerprints lol.

A bolo tie.I have two more besides these.

Never mind about me I just take the pictures LOL. Here is hubby outside with Orion and boy you can see he pays attention to me.He loves hubby! Orion is the one in my earlier blogs where he was found and a lady gave him to me.He is a handful and spoilt rotten to the core.

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