Monday, July 16, 2012

It will Come

When you live in different states like I have ,you have to notice the atmosphere of that state.I have been all the way out to California to northern New York. Down in Florida to Detroit Michigan.

Of all the places,New Mexico holds a place in my heart so deep that it hurts. Why? It's the atmosphere, the feel, the vibrations.The open sky and mesas.It's the air and the rainstorms, like the dirt gets washed away and everything is clean again.When I was there ,I would feel like I was mesmerized by the scenery.I didn't feel closed in by the landscape like I would other places.

It's a place where you find the culture uses the colors of the state and they incorporate it into their designs.I don't know of any state besides Arizona that does that.Alot of people that sees the designs know very little besides Oh its pretty. But most have a meaning behind it.Some are older than we will ever know or understand.Along I-40 you can see their hogans, places of rituals.They are proud of who they are.You haven't lived til you have met an honest to goodness medicine man.My niece is half Navajo but she doesn't even care about who she is.My mother is half Cherokee and Scottish.Mom was raised in a time you didn't say what you were for fear of being sent to the reservation.

So New Mexico means alot to me and I always said when I could I would want to move there.I don't like back east much,it's took me 36 years to get this close and I'm just a few counties over LOL.When you feel like your strangling and you can't breathe,it's time for a change.So it will come I got faith in it,if it's meant for me to go, I'll happen.

It's rained here today and it felt so great! My plants are thriving.I'm trying to figure out what to plant next.

Hit and misses on property is not a big deal,we will find something,I'm sure of it:) I want to thank the ones who left comments ,it's so encouraging to hear from you and gives me more determination.

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