Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beadwork-What's it gonna be?

I haven't blogged because I have been sitting here trying to do some beadwork. I did my pattern on my software and under estimated the size of this thing. Well I was in the mood to make a barrette but now it looks like it is turning into a change purse.No matter,it will go in the finish box and I'll start something else.I am going to make some earrings in the same style tho.I have alot of hardware and beads so I'll be busy for awhile.And I just ordered some more beads last month.

I was getting excited about the thought of moving back east and maybe getting some deerskins to do. Hubby wanted to go hunting with my brother.I really would of liked the turkey feathers too. I love making dance fans from them.but....Now I am looking at anything I can get. I still have been looking at real estate listings and you know that guy lowered the price on that property we had looked at? And he posted pictures. No mind,I am leary about that deal.It seemed good but I don't want no headaches.

I have to get a foot pedal for my sewing machine.When we first got Orion he managed to find the cord and gave it a dandy chewing.It was lost and gone.He got in trouble because you know you have to teach them not to chew. Then he found hubbys' surge protector box and annilated the cord on it too.He got in BIG trouble for that one. But since he chewed those two he didn't chew anything else.We bought a bunch of toys for him and he didn't want those so we ended up taking a bunch of old worn out work socks and put them all in one sock and that is still his favorite toy.Dang dog.

Real Estate Blues
I have found one place and am thinking on it.It's in New Mexico around Grants.I am getting conflicting stories about the place. It has pine trees and in the mountain area.But they have a landownership association and they have restrictions,so I am told,but the real estate lady I talked to said something different.Now I understand they want to keep the area in pristine condition but you can't fall trees on your property,only to cut what you need to clear an area.One says I can't have a garden the other says I can.You have to ask permission to even put up a fence around your property.She was going to call them and ask them the questions I ask her and see what kind of answer she gets.They also said I couldn't clear the property of the scrub brushes and such. Most of the people who live in the area has solar and have water tanks .The county says I have to have a septic system installed but the real estate lady says I can have a compost toilet.What to do,what to do......What the real estate lady don't know is that I have already talked to the county and know what I have to have. The land people said no mobile homes are allowed and no small cabins only for weekends and no sheds.Well the lady goes up there and she says a lot of people live in RVs(year round on their property)and have gardens and have cabins and mobile homes.Dang I never asked about having chickens!She is gonna look and see what else is available but right now she only has 5 acres which at this point is too much property.

She has desert property south of Albuqueque and it's flat and dry there.Nice view of the mountains.I am afraid of getting in a estate area for you know later it will build up and so will the taxes. I am looking for something in a rural area but not far from town.And be able to have farm animals. I don't really like the Midwest because of the storms but reading from some posts ya'll are as dry as we are.

Got the electric bill yesterday,that is gonna have to be paid in two payments. Texas has an expensive utility company.Oh well staying cool is number one at this point LOL.We're getting our new bed next week ,can't wait for that. It'll be so nice to get a good nights sleep finally.Texas has been good to us. I really wish we could find something here. You know how you get in a place and get setup with doctors and you know where everything is?
And then you move and have to start again?
Well what ever we get this is it!I'm done moving that's why we are being careful about finding a place.
It's a one shot deal!

I might be able to finish this beadwork today and I'll post a picture of it.

The cold water running out of the kitchen sink is still warm lol


  1. Sorry to hear of your real estate blues..we've considered moving but everything is so expensive. We're pretty comfortable living here because this county is so much cheaper than others. I wouldn't like it if we had restrictions on what we could and couldn't do on our own property.
    By the way, it's so hot here, our cold water comes out hot at first too.
    Looking forward to your new beadwork.

  2. I think we have to be careful when we move to a new place. We moved here without doing all the proper research and though we love our place, we have to travel at least 50 miles to see specialists and there are few choices for doctors in our town. At least we found a wonderful vet so our dogs are OK. I hope you will find the right place for you. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

  3. Thankyou for the replies. I know right? See these people know why you want the property and they are going to put a high price or more restrictions on you. We are renting and it's not bad here but you just can't have a garden.Or livestock.There are people out there too that will take advantage of older people and thats another fact.