Thursday, July 12, 2012

Living with a Hybrid Wolf Dog

I have always wanted a hybrid wolf dog.But before I made up my mind I decided to see what it entailed.So after much ado I decided to get one. Well,he was free. Living with him is not dull.

First off yes he is spoiled,my bad,but he knows he has it good around here.He has a personally that won't quit.He has learned who the Alpha female is and when she says no it means no.When he was little and tried to get out of hand I would lay gently but firmly on him until he quit quirming.One thing that is essential for dominance.He knew he had better quiet down and then I would let him up.

Besides dog food he does eat chicken and liver and he loves fish. He is very picky about veggies so I don't push it that often. He likes milk but I give him only about a cup every now and then and he used to eat eggs but he got picky about that too.Dang animal.

Now wolf/dogs are very protective type animals.I consulted with a friend of mine who had some and she told me everything he has done so far. After his 3rd year he trust us no questions asked.They have to have time to trust.He is very shy around loud noises and he doesn't like the holidays too well,like July and New Year.I think it was because of what happened to him when he was young.Hunters used to shoot in the field where he was found.That may have been how his mother was killed. He came to me full of mange and scratches but I took him to the vet and got him cleared up.

He is a loving dog ,he does this on his terms. When he doesn't want to be around us he hides in his special spot and I leave him alone. He does however knows how to aggravate me when he really wants something.He sits and stares and stares and stares at me til I get up and do what he wants(so much for the dominance alpha lol)but he is a great watch dog.I have no problems about going to sleep by myself when hubby isn't home.

When we first moved in this trailer we were robbed the first week here. We came to Texas with very little and they got the rest of it.So I didn't want to be here alone so he came along and I wanted him.He is light of my life especially me being bipolar. He keeps me in check cause I know I have him to take care of.

Bath time is a sticky situation,he'll take one when he wants to and he will every now and then let me bathe him. He's a daddys boy so he thinks its special when hubby gives him one.Hubby can take him in the bathroom and put him in the tub no problem,I gave up long time ago LOL.He is a very strong animal.Last time I took him to get his rabie shots I had to give it to him.See? He don't trust no one.I was told by my friend he would be like this.

One thing I found out early on NEVER try to take food from him. If you drop it on the floor and he gets it might as well let him have it.You will get bit.So I really try to not to drop stuff now.He has a deep growl that will curl your hair and that is his warning growl. I have learned all his barks and whines and growls so now I know exactly what he doing.He's good with some dogs ,his choice,but not cats.He don't like children at all(earlier blog) and I really would love to get him away from all this noise he has to endure.Now hubby wants a Bulldog mmmm we will have to see what happens.Orion knows what a horse is,we have a pasture next door to the park and one got loose and came and had a visit with us. That was fun,I kinda think he thought it was a big dog.The horse took a healthy crap right by our front gate.

Orion isn't very big but he's powerful for his size. He weighs at 60 pounds and he's full of muscles.Don't let that sweet face fool ya.My favorite thing about him is when he is laying on the porch and when the sun hits his eyes they turn yellow.I was in total disbelief when I first saw this. I thought wow that's neat.His fur around his collar is grey/brown and the rest of him is black,when he's in the sun he has a reddish color to him.He's a snow hound too loves to play in it once he figured out it wasn't going to hurt him.But going outside when it's raining, no way.His very favorite thing to do? Going in the bedroom and messing up all the blankets and sheets on the bed.I gave up on that one too.

I could go on and on about these animals ,if you have one that's great let me know.

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