Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Lot of Work Ahead

I am so happy,I called one of my cousins back home(my uncles' son)and he wants to help with the setup too.He is an electrician and is looking forward to hooking me up.And he can do carpentry work. So now my hubby and brother and him,hey I got it lol.Anyone else wants to help?Plus he knows how to put in a septic system.So the only thing I got left is getting someone to get the concrete blocks to the property.The cabin has to setup on them and the people who deliver levels it.Hubby was worried that we would not have enough people to help and now he is very happy.

We got until the last part of December to get some more items for the cabin. I really wanted a new bed but I guess that will have to wait til we get there.I'm trying to find a good deal on 4 wooden chairs for my table.I may have to settle on benches.I found this big wooden table someone was throwing out.I can't stand it when someone throws out anything made of wood as long as it isn't damaged.It can be recycled and fixed.Well my table is very wide,would make a great Thanksgiving setup.I've worked on the top and got it clean and the wood takes the lemon oil good.

Next week hubby is taking some time off,much needed time off.He works in a place where he has to work around heaters that heat plastic and mold them.They were working in this 100 degree weather,inside the building it was 120 degrees. Yeah he has had enough of this.He is not getting any younger and this heat here will take it out of you.When we first got here it wasn't as bad but now it feels like you have no fluid left in your body and that is no matter how much you drink.

I am looking forward to opening up my windows and doors again.Letting in light instead of having to close the curtains and blinds.Our little cabin should keep us nice and cool during the summer and nice and toasty during the winter.

My cousin is going to tell his mom and dad I called and to let them know I'm coming home.See I was adopted, my adopted dad and my uncle are brothers,my aunt said the only reason she didn't get me was because they got to me first lol.It was a crazy situation.Well we are having pizza tonight,I'm not cooking.Hubby lets me have a day off (or 2)to not have to cook.I got a feeling I'm going to be cooking alot when we get back home cause he will be home more.He's taking some time off from the work force for a bit.He wants to concentrate on working on the cabin and just relaxing and exploring the property.


  1. That's great news that your cousin wants to help. There's so much work in the initial getting started! We're finding though, that the ideas and projects are never ending, LOL.

  2. How wonderful to have help! Just do the basics first. Don't be suprised if you change your mind a few times on how you want things layed out on the property once you are there. Oh, I'm so excited for you!