Friday, August 24, 2012

Stop Me I buy too Much!

I can't seem to stay away from the auctions and the seed sites.I went this morning and got 500 Kale seeds cause I didn't have them.Wednesday I found a cute sugar and creamer on one of my auction sites and won it.

I thought these were so cute.In the south we were always told when you have a cream and sugar bowl(mostly sugar) your house would have good luck as long as it was full,don't think that came from the Chinese.It has these pretty little roses on them and a gold tone looking stuff around the rims and handles.

I am a turquoise person so I went and won this for myself-

The lady said she went to New Mexico(go figure) and the Navajo lady made it for her right there.She didn't wear and decided to auction it.I got lucky.If you can't see it too good it has a turtle in the middle set on black looking onyx.I had to make an extension for the neck part,about an inch. I had some liquid silver here so it would match. I have not pulled it off since I got it.Until now but I put it right back on after I took this picture.

So I figured while I was on a roll I would make some earrings to match.

The only thing I want before we leave here is my Queen size Indian Blanket,I have three twin size.These are so warm ,mine is purple with black and white stripes,hubbys has turquoise with black and white stripes.It was suppose to be my birthday present but after a while it migrated to his side.It's thicker than mine.Share share alike. I really favor the geckos and the kokopelli.I have both hanging on my wall as wall plaques.Yeah now you see why it is breaking my heart to leave out here.But....

Look up that's where I get my stuff.Also they have antiques on there.You bid with credits,when you sign up you automatically get 500 credits.This is where I got the sugar and creamer and necklace.

It's a small site but you can get some interesting stuff.


  1. (i thought you were supposed to be getting rid of stuff...) :)

  2. Ok yeah TexWis but see I didn't have a sugar bowl. I got some old clothes from when we first moved here I can't wear and old furniture I don't want that is like falling apart.I haven't depends on finances if I take this old washer and dryer.LOL

  3. Oh I never got the cream and sugar bowls,the lady said they got lost in the mail,yeah ok!

  4. Love the necklace & the earings are a perfect match