Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five Years Of Junk

It's amazing how much a person can accumulate in 5 years.Problem is we need pretty much all we have and then some.What's so funny is going thru something and going"oh that's where that went to,I was looking for that last year" So far we got something to sit on,some little tables,a bed,a big desk(which he hasn't figured out how to get it out of the trailer yet),a nice wood table with no chairs and a bookcase and entertainment unit.Well I think that will be enough to fit in our cabin.I have been going online looking for shelves. I'm a shelf person,I like sitting my "stuff" out for everyone to see! I told hubby I want counter space in the kitchen,if not the shelves go up. I do a lot of auctions on different sites and get good deals too.MMMM good way to get rid of junk.

I have more things (see I didn't say junk)for my kitchen because I like to cook. I am getting rid of all plastic refrigerator containers cause I am switching over to glass.Good idea I thought and easier to clean.I do break stuff,like I knew Corelle dishes did break but not as fast as I have gone thru them. I've broken a plate,a bowl and a cup.Yeah well it happens and don't get me started on the glasses.I drink out of a large turquoise plastic tumbler.

My most used item in the kitchen is my stainless steel colander.I use it for everything.I have a specific coffee cup I drink out of and one particular knife I use.Funny how we have habits.I am saving all my egg cartons for the eggs I'm going to get from the chickens I haven't bought yet.Yeah I laughed at that one too.Hubby keeps buying electrical appliances and I'm thinking well we're not going to have electric for awhile(so much for counter space)what is he thinking? Considering we are going solar after a while. My kitchen in the cabin is rather small but my brother figured out we are going to have about a 14'x15' space for each room.That's pretty good size but most of it will be living space and bedroom.Oh I know ,shelves for the living room!

I can't wait to get home and get my doctors setup,I do love them.I've thought alot of things in the last few days and I do miss the change of seasons and the cool night air.The hills and the mist that forms over them.The spring time with all the blooms of the Dogwoods.Alabama is a pretty state as long as you stay away from the cities.It's a good state to grow things in.I don't know if you feel this way but when you stay gone from a place for a long time and then go back,it seems strange and so does the people.

I've lost most of my southern accent since I've been here and it's so funny to talk to my relatives on the phone.They have that southern twang and I think Oh no I'm going to sound like that again soon!I adapt to my surroundings and Texas has a twang too,I really haven't picked it up as a matter of fact I don't sound like anything at all.Hubby says that sometimes my accent comes out( when I'm mad) but not as much as it used to.

Well the next few months will be having to sift thru stuff here and there and trying to figure out what stays and what goes.Pinch me is this real? I still can't believe we found such a good deal on land.And we found out we may have a well on the property already.Depends on which side the well is with the tree markers.I'm praying it is.

Here is my tin I keep my teabags in I love this

I adore this little tin with the pictures .


  1. How funny, this is the second blog I've read this morning and both of them about all the stuff we accumulate. Good luck with everything and congrats on finding your place.

  2. Sounds like your making head way in the sorting. It's amazing how quickly we aquire "things"
    Those sound like nice room sizes, will you have lots of windows?

  3. No not alot just for basics but thats ok we are planning on expanding later.