Friday, August 17, 2012

Preparing so much to DO

This morning hubby ordered his tree catalogs and seem to be in a good mood about the move. I have already gotten all my vegetable seeds and herb seeds ordered.Most have come in.My house is already starting to pile up with all the stuff I ordered.I'm boxing it up and just going down the list to see what else we need.Come to find out before we leave here,we have to have a generator and a chainsaw and a way to heat the cabin since it will still be cool.See the pictures.It's kinda grown up around there.I got my septic man and perc man on standby.Funny thing about hometowns,everyone is related LOL.

The property has electric and water available which means a meter and a pole has to be put in. We are going to wait til March to move and hopefully the weather won't be bad.After much thought about the electric we will have to have it.Got to have my freezer.The water may have to be caught in rain barrels for awhile. I think we may have a spring running thru the property.My sister-in-law said my brother wants to do a "walk about" the property when they can and when it isn't raining there.They have been great about going and looking at the property that I find and it gets them out of the house and moving around.I love them so much and miss them.They are excited about us coming home.
We at least have a shed to build on and some kind of start with a building.So most likely we will use it for all the farm stuff.

I want to thank all of you for the encouragement.Someone said that because I was disabled I won't be able to handle this,well you know there are ways around everything. If I have to I'll get a golf cart to roam around in LOL but- this is going to happen.All I've done since I've been here is sit like a house plant but for the last few months I have been doing more and more. I have osteoporosis in my back.Well,after doing some reading I know how to handle this now.Oh by the way the doctors here are, how can I say, don't like patients but like the money end.Yeah not worth a flip. My doctors back home were great and I can't wait to get there.Pain medication AH you ask here your file gets red flagged and most of you know what that is.Yep mine is.

Ok back to the property-we got Pine trees all over the place and Oak trees.One spot I believe is an open spot-cabin goes there, garden spot-will have to see.3.5 acres yeah I think it will be taxes YES! Hubby and I have talked about what we want to do,he's not a farmer but he was raised on a farm.He knows enough to get us started and this is going to be,interesting.

We are going from this-

To this-

Orion is going to have a blast.He has been cooped up in this tiny yard too long.I see fleas and ticks but will keep this under control I hope.Got some fence waiting but I want to walk him around the property so he can get a feel for it.He loves to explore.

Yah! Fortunately my brother is going to help hubby do some work around the place.My brother knows just about everyone in the county.He use to work on their cars. He also done some additions to his house so he can show hubby some carpentry skills.I'm blessed having him.Plus when the garden goes in,they will get some of it.My brother is a hunter and fisherman,that's it,he loves them both. Hubby likes to hunt,I like to fish so you see where this is going.They have deer and wild turkeys and all sorts of stuff to get into there.And we are not too far from the lake.

With the courthouse nearby I will be able to do more research work on my family history.I still have blank spots I need to fill in.I haven't been able to because I wasn't there.Unfortunately that courthouse had been burned down several times and a lot of records were lost.I've traced my ancestors all the way back to the late 1500's.We are from Ireland,Scotland and Wales.

It will be a relief to be able to put up my surfboard people, I think I've rode these waves long enough.Have a Happy Friday!

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  1. Sounds as if your plans are coming together! Nice to have family with talents!