Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Can I do With These?

We have lived here for 5 years and these have been in a little pile by the front of the trailer. I, in all my wisdom love to recycle especially since I have become older. I decided today to see what was there and came across at least 5 that are in good shape. The problem with these is the caulking is still on the back of each one. I need to figure out how to get the caulking off. I want to make trivets out of them. One says they are made in Italy.The color is a mixed sage to grass green and they are very pretty.Any suggestions are welcome.Once I get the caulk off I'll put something on the back so it won't scratch my table.I measured them and they are 5 3/4",an odd square? There are more out there so I may see what else I can salvage.

Everything so far is coming along. I have been in a great mood since the property thing is going.I really am going to miss Texas but the heat has become unbearable.The town we are moving to(outside of town about 4 miles)is where I was born.I was an at home birth,so my mother tells me.I have an uncle who lives there too.So I won't be alone and will have kin close by.I think it is going to be interesting.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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