Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Fried People!

Oh my my it is hot hot.I feel like something deep fried and smothered in an unknown substance!I have to look back on the snow pictures I posted just to cool off a degree.

We have central heating and cooling but the unit in these rental places are so old.I'm going to hate to see the electric bill this month. I really hope it cools off next month by the end of the month.Earlier I took an ice cube and rubbed it on my arms and it went fast LOL.But it helped. I know Arizona is hot like this and a lot hotter.I don't see how they do it there.

Wished I had some nice pictures for ya folks but everything around here is brown and you know what that looks like.I just tried to get Orion to go outside and he peeked out the door and looked up at me like"you better turn the heat off if you want me to go out there".Dang dog.

I had quite a bit of running around to do this morning but poor old truck refused to get me going where I wanted to go.It started running hot because of the heat. This was about 9:20 this morning.So I said ok lets go home. It had water and all the fluids in it but I don't complain,our little pickup has gone a lot of miles.When we get back home my brother will take a look at it.He's a really good mechanic.

Hubby has been working 6 days a week and he is super tired.He told me he really thought he would like this heat but thinks it's too dry for him now.We both miss the rain showers and storms.Of course I love snow and he don't. 50-60-70 degrees and I'm good. I function like a normal person then.

I took the leftover stuff where I had made the chicken pot pie and added some celery leaves and alittle more salt to it.It turned out great! I cooked some brown rice and heated the pot pie sauce up and poured it over the brown rice and got completely full from it.It was about a cup and half. Now I know what to add to it next time I fix it. My hubby doesn't like homemade stuff too well but he liked that and I like his opinions cause usually he's right.He told me it needed more salt.He is getting used to me making stuff at home.Especially the biscuits.It's pitiful when you have to move to another state then all of a sudden you can cook! I've tried some recipes on here that had been posted by some of you and they are really good.Now I have to teach my sister-in-law some of them,she likes to cook too.

Well just some ramblings for this Wednesday and hope ya'll have a great day,what's left of it.Stay cool if your hot,stay dry if your wet.Pray for us here in Texas to get some rain soon.

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