Friday, August 3, 2012

Filling in my List

I had made a list for things that we would have to have when we got our little mini farm thing going.Today I ordered all my seeds,got a homesteading book coming and some hand spades for the garden.

I also done the pricing on some items like a tiller and generators and things that I thought we could use.We want to plant fruit trees and I would love a fig tree.Hopefully if we find the right property it will have blackberry bushes on it already.I'm still dying to get my giant gourds in the ground and get them growing,they will be extra income for us.So Monday I will be doing alot of reading and more planning. I know something will break soon.

We decided on a wood burning stove for heat and looking for some water tanks. I'm not happy about putting anything out here where we live now.So a few things will have to wait.Looks like things are looking up!

It was very hot today and I'm hoping that storm in the Atlantic will get here and give us some relief.We need it bad.Have a good day everyone!

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