Monday, August 6, 2012

Things that make you say"Oh no they didn't just do that"

Something hit me this morning and just decided to post this. After spending some time in the local grocery store this weekend I wanted to post some things that go on that probably others don't notice and I wished I didn't.In the 50 something years I have been on this planet here are somethings that make you go "Oh they didn't just do that"!

1.People giving their kids fruit to play with and they "mouth it" and then putting the fruit back.

2.Sneezing and then handling the produce.

3.Sneezing on the shelf items and walking away laughing about it.

4.Coughing and not covering their mouth.

5.Kids running around and handling stuff and dropping them on the floor and leaving it there.

6.People who scratch their selves and then handle stuff YUCK!

7.People who come out of the bathrooms and you know they didn't wash their hands.You were there.

8.Sticky stuff/goo on milk jugs or cartons or soft drinks,mm wonder what that is?

So when I get home I wash the top of the cans, wash the produce and the jugs and cartons and first and foremost I wash my hands all the way up to the elbows! I'm not a fearful germ person but the older you get the more you have to watch what is going on and take precautions. This is my version and I'm sticking with it.

If you realize how many items in any given store has been touched like this ,you probably wouldn't touch or even go to the stores. But this is true and it's a fact ,people don't care anymore.This is also how a virus is spread.I went to a grocery store one time and I just talked to a girl who had streph throat(yes she was working knowing she had it)and a few days later I came down with it.

Another is working while you are sick.I understand the concept of this I really do but when you do you spread your germs to others who in turn take it home to their family who may go and see someone ..say... in a nursing home who gives it to an elderly person who actually dies from coming down with a virus.This people I have witness myself,I used to work in a nursing home.I am just keeping it real here.Sometimes when flu season hits,they won't let people in to these nursing homes and the patients are confined to their rooms if its bad.

So when flu season comes think about this - take care of yourselves,you only have one body and so does everyone else around you.Increase your intake of garlic or garlic rich foods,has worked very well with me.The only thing I come down with now is allergies and that is whole other subject.

Here is a combo I take-Garlic,honey,vinegar,lemon
I fix something every day that I can put garlic in.

Maybe this is the reason why I don't get out as much. Once or twice a month when I have to get out, but most times I am at home.Which is the reason I want to grow my own stuff.At least I know where it's been.

These are just a thought.

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