Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Difference in Rural Living and.......

I have decided to a blog on the difference in lifestyle definitions.Now this is my opinion and what I have seen and read and done.I love country living and here is my take on it.

Country Living is living out a rural setting.My furniture would be early American having quilts on the bed and a fireplace and home cooking.Also being on the grid or off.This is a short version mind you.

Off Grid living means to me of being self sufficent in doing daily stuff and living without being hooked up to the local utility company- electric or water.Having a well for a water source and oil lamps and cooking on a wood burning stove.Canning my garden food which you can do also in country living.Maybe have solar panels.Same as country living.

A survivalist.At describes this-
ur·viv·al·ist   [ser-vahy-vuh-list]
w IPAnoun
a person who makes preparations to survive a widespread catastrophe, as an atomic war or anarchy, especially by storing food and weapons in a safe place.

I'm not this,and my problem with this is people take these things to extreme.Also can cause itchy trigger fingers.Maybe we may have a catastrophe who knows.But when people want to just live a simple lifestyle there's nothing :extreme: about this.What ever happens in this world will happen.

Way back in the 1800s' most people had guns,went hunting and fishing for their food source.Kept the fireplace burning,lived without electric and had to haul water from a creek or well.Grew their own food.I wouldn't call this extreme,I would however call it a hard way of life.They knew it well.I feel that this is the way America is heading.People need to learn how to do things for themselves.Learn what they can and get out of the house and off the dependency of electrical help.Also called cell phones and computers and T.V.

I love hearing stories and reading blogs on how people are teaching their children to do "CHORES".Making their stuff by hand and learning the old ways of doing things. This is life,it's what makes a person happy and content.I think we all want to be that way and if living in a rural setting and doing the things I mentioned,freakin great! That's where I'm headed.I would share my bounty with my family and my neighbors.I wouldn't hold up in a place and be paranoid that someone is trying to steal or take something away from me.I know there are mean people out there but I also feel there are better people too.What I am saying is when you have faith in God and you care about your fellow man,a door is always opened.
These are my opinions and thoughts.I hope I didn't upset anyone for writing this.But there are differences in any lifestyle and where ever you live,live life to the fullest.Only God knows when things are going to go haywire.I don't believe in the Mayan calendar, I believe what the bible says.


  1. I think your descriptions are pretty spot on. as the economy becomes tighter, folks will be willing to do things they would have never done before. Good and bad. It amazes me the lack of knowlege some have...basic skills needed to take care of themselves but, if they've never been exposed to them they don't know what they are missing.

  2. Doing things ourselves from now on is going to be the normal way.With food prices and gas and mortgages going up,health care and now with medicare,yeah it's a turn of events we all are having to face.If you want to live you got to DIY!