Friday, September 28, 2012

Here we go again shrink visit

I'm sitting waiting to go see my shrink this morning.Yes I do see one,for about 10 minutes if I'm lucky.I have to tell him the medicine he has me on isn't working,it's making me sick and I'm moving. Here I see him every three to four months and I haven't been in a while cause honestly I don't like the place.I was suppose to be in therapy but they don't really care if you get help or not especially if you're on medicaid.Well I found another doctor back home and I'll have to go once a month and see a therapist and a doctor. YAH! This is what I wanted anyway.I'm not nuts mind you,I have a chemical problem and I was on Lithium and Zoloft.I'm sure someone out there can relate.I'm usually stable but if I get stressed I can feel it.This is another reason why we are moving back home,living here where we are has stressed us out,both of us.So getting some quiet time is a must right about now.And taking on something new which we like will help and focus us in a different direction.We have talked and talked about this moving and getting our own property for a few years and now it's real.

Because of the stress I haven't been focused enough to do any beadwork,my passion and just sitting around has made me put on a few more pounds than I like.So yeah a change of pace is here.Blogging has helped.It get things on my mind out.I lost a lot of my friends and family when they found out I was bipolar and really they didn't want to understand.My hubby has sat thru some terrifying episodes of mine and I thank God every day he's still here.Once he educated himself on what it was he figured out how to handle me.I have been on meds for a few years now and they have helped.He told me I wasn't the same person any more since I started taking them.Good,bad? he said I have really calmed down which is a really good thing.I feel better but Lithium will put weight on you.Gotta see the pros and cons here.

I still can't be around a crowd of people even though I've tried.It makes me feel too enclosed and I can't breathe a.k.a panic attack.So usually we go to the stores a little late at night and it doesn't effect me.I don't go during holidays,I do everything before hand so I don't put myself in that position.I have several methods of handling different scenerios so I'm good.

I have only a handful of family that understands what is going on and I am very thankful I have them.I think that's because we all have the same condition LOL! It runs in the family.It's a good thing.

It's been raining here since yesterday and what a relief.That rain came down,it was a heavy rain and it soaked everything.I tried to get Orion to go out but he stuck his nose out the door and a raindrop hit it,he didn't want none of it.But it's ok if it rains light no biggie going out then,coming in smelling of a wet dog.I need to get some batteries for my camera and take more pictures.I will definately take pictures while we are on the road,I always do that.The only part I'm dreading is having Orion stuffed in the truck with us,he's never been as far as he's going and I hope he don't get motion sickness and start throwing up.It's going to take us about 8 hours to get there.

I wanted to add this cartoon I thought it was funny.If you can't read it says"I said the Schmitt house"

and this one- yeah been there done that LOL!

Well Happy Friday everyone!

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