Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Denium Quilt for Orion

We have several pairs of hubsteads jeans that were wore down in the crotch so I got them out today and made me a seed bag for the garden.(A bag that will hold the seeds when I am planting.)I still have to make a strap for it.I left the back pockets in,as soon as I get more batteries for my camera I'll take a picture.

I don't have enough for a big quilt so I decided to make a small quilt for Orions' bed.Hubstead is going to make him a real bed when we get home.In the meantime I have alot of black and some dark blue denium to mess with.I have to just figure out the designs I want to put on it.I made a full size quilt long time ago and I was really surprised how it turned out.I couldn't sew a straight line if I tried back then but it was fun.I've gotten better at it since then.If I sewed enough I could get really good but as some knows Orion decided to chew my sewing machine cord when he was little.Now I have to do it by hand.I still love him,he didn't know any better.Another thing on my list to get.

It has cooled down here in Texas and it's about time.I had my front door open numerous times already and letting the trailer air out.Cuts down on the electric bill.Orion loves it when the door is open,he thrives on running in and out(we don't have a screen door).I wll be putting one on the cabin though.Poor baby has been sick and I'm keeping an eye on him.His stomache has been messed up since yesterday.I have noticed that when the weather changes he gets like this.His eyes were watering the other night.

Well I just wanted to let ya'll know what's up and when I can do,I'll take some pictures.

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  1. Denim is wonderful for quilts but so heavy! I made a twin quilt quite a while ago and it was a bear to wash but sooooo warm. Save the rest of those denim scraps. They make wonderful tool and nail pouches when building. If you use the inseam for the shoulder strap or belt it will hold up forever.
    If you google the sewing machine company I bet they could replace the cord for you.