Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Lizard,Meteors

I was looking for something to put up top for a picture and found Charlie,my lizard.Charlie was done on a scrap piece of paper during one of my "slow" days.I have several pictures I did like this,done in Southwest designs.I have cactus and flowers and a rattlesnake.I took my water base markers and some water and took my fingertip and smeared some of the ink.Yeah I can amuse myself in such ways.I get bored I'll pick up something and start piddling with it.I've yet to find a frame for these pictures and can't quiet figure out how to place them.Most are 3x5(index card size).

Silly me,I love sitting outside and watching a good meteor shower.It was a little disappointing cause I only seen about 8,3 were very nice and the rest were small and quick.Orion thought it was special cause mommy was sitting outside with him and stayed on the steps.I was smart and got a chair.So a pot of coffee later and no really significant meteors I decided to come in.It was windy here this morning and yep I got the sniffles.But it was worth it.I don't get a chance to sit outside much especially during the summer so it felt really good.I put on a pair of sweat pants and got a blanket and was in heaven looking at the stars.And no mosquito bites!

It wasn't as dark as what I hoped it would be.The street lamp was a bit bright and some of the neighbors had their porch lights on.I'm going to try again when the next one comes thru and maybe we'll be on our property by then.Sister-in-law said it was dark there and we would have to install some kind of lights outside.

When I find these other pictures I'll post them,right now I haven't a clue where I put them.Which is what happens a lot.You know when you go looking for something and you find other stuff and say hey I was looking for that, well, I get side track and forget what I was looking for in the first place.

Have a Happy Sunday!


  1. i like your funky lizard!

    and you saw 8 more meteors than i did. i waited a while but went inside when mosquitoes started buzzing.

  2. Love the blog header! Can't wait to see the rest you've done. I didn't stay up to watch the showers, but friends were telling us they saw more last night