Thursday, October 18, 2012

Everything Going Up

They warned us.

They said that this year and the years to follow that prices were on the rise.Everything from clothes to gas and all in between.Wow,my thoughts,pitiful.I can see why more Americans are doing what they are doing.I've even heard of people moving out of the USA because of this.Now small farms are popping up and people raising their own livestock.Being self sufficient is what they don't want.They want us to depend on them.But I also wonder how long it will be before they start new rules to regulate our small farms?Some states are already doing this from what I have read.

The last few years to me have been the worst.Prices are getting outrageous.I know how to sew clothes,cook,gardening(always room for improvement),livestock?we'll see lol.But if you have talents,use them.Now is the time to shine! Someone told me I have too many theories about life.We'll let's see if you think so.

They use pesticides on plants(Roundup) which causes all sorts of diseases in humans,THEREFORE,you have to go see a doctor,THEREFORE your insurance premiums go up,THEREFORE,your medications go up,THEREFORE,you have more side effects,THEREFORE,more doctor visits,SEE?

Now let's look at clothes.I have never in the 52 years I have been on this earth see clothes that fall apart now so easily.My hubstead has had to buy jeans every two months because in the seat of these jeans keep wearing thin and ripping.Not in the seams,in the fabric.Have you ever bought a pair of pants and washed them a couple of times and the thread comes out? or even a blouse or a shirt? That's what they do so either you fix it or you have to buy another one.It's set up like that.I tried to find the company listed so I could call and complain,yeah right,no number was listed.It was thru the store I bought them and would of had to take them back.No I wanted to let the company know how flimsy those were. Drats!

Appliances.This is a good one.Appliances are only meant to work so long and then you have to go get another.Have you notices that most appliances will last a year or two?Or even on some ,not even that? I knew a man who had a coffee maker that was HIS mothers' and he was still using it long after she died.WOW,all he had to do was buy a cord for it one time.Now that is a miracle.No wonder our landfills are packed.

Understand that I have seen such atrocities in this American.I wonder though would it be different if things were more American made,would it have an impact on what we use? I was looking thru a catalog of non electric appliances and reading reviews(which that's a must for me)and read one appliance I wanted was made of plastic and the hoses would break off.Was made in China.MMM don't want that,whatever happened to metal parts? Oh yeah that's right,plastic is the cheap way to go so consumers will spend more money,ahhh the agony.Not this gal.

And we wonder in all of this why we are stressed and angry and aggravated.See doctor visits.I am not going to list all the things wrong in our world because it would be too many pages,I'm sure you get the picture.Where are heading?remember the old ways?Yep that's where we are going.Instead of forward we are going backwards. I personally think that for people who don't earn enough money and are basically poor,it's the way to go.And we have plenty of people in America who are poor.I get so mad when people who are trying so hard only to get knocked down for their efforts.We have done that,plenty of times.And I said if I could help when times are good for us I would.
This is my promise to God for his blessings on us.Our garden won't only be for us,it'll also help my family so they can eat.We have to help each other in bad times.Hubstead and I have given food to friends who couldn't afford to eat before and I've took people to grocery stores and bought food,why?because when we got down,something or someone always helped us.That is how it works.We have been down to our last dollar and all of a sudden something comes about that we have money.It's alway been like that.

I'm just expressing that whatever we put out we get back.I also think that for some reason or another ,people have become cold,indifferent.That to me is what is pitiful.I don't ignore them but I don't let them get to me.This is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

Once we get this thing we are doing going on,I'd like to see others be able to do the same.I know it will be hard work,I'm ready for that(with the help of a pain pill every now and then but..)I'm in not so good of shape right now but that will change when we get home.

You know there is so much talent out there.I'd buy from someone who made things that I want quicker than buying things from overseas.The problem is either people can't get their stuff out there or they just don't have the means.Another theory coming on.Not everyone is bad,there are good people who have a hard time because of rules and regulation that apply.And they just don't get a chance.You have to make a stand and like they say if you can see it with your mind you can make it become reality.It may take a while,I got more patience than most people,makes a big difference.

Well I'm going to quit here because I could ramble on all day about this stuff but I won't so have a great THURSDAY!


  1. Giving thanks by sharing what we have with others is a great way to live.

  2. Yes it is,I know how it feels to sit and be hungry and have to go to a local church for food.We have given gas money to people who we knew needed it to get to work before payday.Or we give rides to them just so they can get their pay checks.Someone had to do that for us several times so its a pay it forwrd thing.

  3. It's been my desire to not only share what we have but to teach what we learn. That's the foundation of our farm. We still have a LONG ways to go.
    Thank you for your post. You know what bugs me? Vacuum cleaners. I always by cheap and have yet to have one last me over a year. The last one I bought only made it 9 months. (Maybe I'm just hard on vacuums? ;) )

  4. I thought of getting a push thingy for the house myself LOL