Monday, October 15, 2012

Tuesday Morning Ramblins'

It's cool here this morning at 50 degrees.I love winter.Nothing like sitting in front of a crackling fire and all snuggled up in a warm blanket watching the snow fall,crap I just woke up lol.That's not gonna happen here,for one I don't have a fireplace.Eventually I would like to put a fireplace in the cabin,that would be nice and northern Alabama gets snow but not that often.My hubstead said here while back that he bet if we were there they would get a snowstorm of epic proportion.Thats what happened when we came here,Texas never had a deep snow,hubstead said it happened because we were here.yeah ok.Sounds creepy uh? Stranger things has happened.

I'm cooking a crock pot full of roast and veggies today for supper tonight.If something can go into one skillet or pot,I like it.I got a load of recipes for stuff like that.I talked to my sister-in-law yesterday and her brother passed away.I let her talk(I'm a good listener) and by the time we finished she was feeling better.Her and I are so much alike it's scary.I've never met anyone who likes the exact same things as myself.She can't wait til we get there and get away from all the noises she puts up with.She has a house full of people running in and out all the time.She was sick from a sinus/cold and she sounded bad.I tried to tell her of some remedies that I thought would help.I told her when we get home I'll doctor her right up and make her feel better.She wants to be able to come to our house and hide from her family,they live next door to her.I told her great she could help me unpack and stuff like that.Hubstead and brother will be busy exploring the property anyway.

Hubstead asked me last night how many chickens we are planning on getting.I said between 6-8 to get started.He said I guess we will have to have a rooster too uh?Yeah most likely.That was about the end of that conversation.He is still getting use to the idea.But ya know the more he thinks about it,I think he is getting into it cause he is looking stuff up on the internet and telling me to come look and see what he has found.
He looks at ponds which he would like to have and things he wants to make from wood.I do know that he may hestitate now about this but....he will feel different when we get there and he be busy,plus all the help he'll get.My crazy cousin told him,look,you'll like it when you can pee off your front porch and nobody will say anything to you!Yeah ok.

I did find a good way to keep Orion in the house when I have my front door open and I don't want him outside.My neighbor was throwing away her wooden baby crib and I used the side railing for a gate.Works wonders.I'm gonna have hubstead to put a piece of wood on the end and hinges so I can put it on the porch.He doesn't seem incline to jump over it or maybe because he is just too lazy to do it.

We were thinking of getting a used baby bed and doing some remodeling on it and making a dog bed out of it.Orion isn't going be the only dog we have I bet.He gets cold at night and likes to curl up in a ball so this would get him off the floor out of drafts.

Well I can smell my roast and the dishes are screaming to be washed and the kitchen needs to cleaned.I got a couple of loads of clothes to do and some to be put up.And not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done. What's a girl to do?


  1. Always lots to do, isn't there?

    About your chickens: A rooster is necessary only if you want one around to watch over your hens, or if you want to have your hens hatch chicks. You don't need a rooster to have eggs.

  2. I'd get a rooster just to aggravate hubstead LOL.