Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tornado Watch today

We have a Tornado watch today here in Texas,nothing new on that home front.I wonder if the weather people knows that we sit in a bowl and everything passes over us?Yes it does,that's why we don't get much.We do get dust blowing all over the place during the summer.The weather man here has done some looking into the fact that everytime a storm approaches the city it either goes around or fizzles out.Well he hasn't found out too much,maybe it's just the way we are situated.We also get a lot of wind here.Great place for windmills.East of the city gets all the bad storms and heavy rain.I've been watching the weather for awhile now,mainly to see what this winter is going to do.We are hoping it stays fairly nice so we can move after the first of the year and it won't be really cold.I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Not like we haven't moved when it was cold before.

This was daybreak here this morning.We had a little rain and a couple of rumbles of thunder not too much just enough to let you know it was raining then it quit.
Starting to see some pop up showers west of here and a 40% chance of rain.It's 2:40 P.M.

Ok I've been trolling thru some blogs and have quite enjoyed reading them.I really like to read the ones where people start from scratch and take progress pictures.That's what I'm going to try to do as long as I got batteries.

I wanted to post this little thing-I got it from Ebay,it came from Jerusalem.It's an oil lamp and it's very small about 3 inches long and you can actually put olive oil in it.Well the problem with it?,it leaks the olive oil thru the pores.It's made of clay.But I just love it and unfortunately they don't make a bigger one.I asked.

The guy I talked to told me that this kind of oil lamp is what they use in the homes there.Just an interesting little tidbit here.

I can't wait to get going. I don't want to start any beadwork until we get home. I seem to not want to finish my beading if I get interrupted.I'm just that way.Once I start a design I want to finish it. So I'm gonna wait and see how much room we are going to have.I would really like to set up an area that is all mine to make a craft work area out of. I told hubstead he can have the barn to make a work shop.He is thinking of getting into woodworking .I hope so,he can make stuff for the cabin.Oh yeah he'll be busy.It will be so great to not have to move again ever.Oh one more little item,remember I said we were hoping that the well was ours? It is it's directly behind the barn on our property.YAH! we got water to work with.

It's starting to getting more cloudy here so everyone have a great Saturday!


  1. thank you for your comment on Samson and my travails this past week. It's going to be fun to read about your move and progress at the new place. And I would be so scared living in tornado country. Good they seem to pass by where you are.

    1. It'll be alright Inger,Dogs are resilient to situations and Samson is a dedicated dog to you he knows you love him!I've lived pretty much around tornadoes all my life,just got to get out the way and be safe.

  2. i can only imagine that once the decision was made to move back, you just want to get on with it and get there. :)

    we got almost an inch of rain here last night. some thunder and lightening, too, but not bad. we needed the rain!

    1. Yep but I still have things to get here.Funny how prices are so different,I will miss my H.E.B. tho!We only got a few drops of rain and that was it,yep I knew it.

  3. How nice that your new place already has a well!