Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yah my books are here!

Well I got the start of a somewhat library going.I got my books in and the one that is Storey's Basic Country Skills is big.Mr.postman brought it right to me.This book is almost 2 inches thick and heavy(for me anyways).I've already been reading some it.564 pages of fun.It covers a lot of stuff.Does any one have this book? if not get it.
The other one I ordered Ed Begley,Jr.'s Guide to Substainable living covers his life in California and how he lives an eco type life.His neighbor at the time is Bill Nye the science guy who has helped him.Ed has converted his home into a friendly green environment,he tells you how he did it and its a really good and informative book.It also has pictures and of course pictures of Ed.

Heck even hubstead looked thru this book.I told him it would help him when we moved and he can get some ideas from it.He's not minding it too much as long as someone can show him some of the ropes.We got a big adventure coming so he is getting a little more excited because at least like he said it won't be here.I think he really hates this place and I know he despises his job.I wouldn't of minded to stayed here but it's just getting tooooo expensive to live.

It's cloudy and cold this morning,boy it feels so good after all the heat we had.I don't have neither the air or heater on,it feels just right.I'm hot natured anyways.Hubstead gets cold easy so every now then I turn the heat on to knock the chill out of the air.Back home when we lived in the house we didn't have central heat or air but we opened every window and door and had a cross breeze come in. Sometimes it was bad because of all the pollution there.When we got to Texas I couldn't believe all the crap I coughed up.Most time I do with a fan blowing on me especially at night. I think it's the humming noise it makes that helps me sleep.

I still haven't knocked a dent in this trailer yet. I'm going thru a few things and trying to get it packed.September went fast and now this month is going fast too.I got to get on the ball here.I have been watching the weather and thinking that come January or February if the weather holds out and don't snow,we might be able to make a run for it.50s' we can handle moving in no biggie but anything colder is a problem.We a way to heat the cabin and I have a way to cook and refrigerate some things so it's all good there.We have our bed,I told hubstead it will feel more like home as long as we got our bed to sleep in no matter how crappy the thing is.I was hoping to get a new bed this year but it wasn't in the stars.Well it's 8:04 a.m. and I think I am going back to bed and get warm.Orion has been making himself comfortable at the foot of the bed and hubstead has to sleep sideways LOL.He does that when he's cold.

So everyone have a great day today!

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  1. Sounds like a good start to a educational collection! There was a few more I was going to recommend but they slip my mind right now...when I remember i'll let you know.

    Sorting and packing...yuck. Do it now while the weather is nice to haul to the thrift stores. Who wants to carry that in the winter! It will be freeing to have it mostly done...Give you more time to read and prepare right?