Sunday, October 7, 2012

A True Spooky Story

This is a true story and since it's getting close to Halloween I figured "why not". Hubstead and I had bought a old house back east and with all old houses,this came with a story.The couple who had previously had the house were living together and long ago they were more than friends,they loved each other.Then they seperated and married other people.Later as they got older they found each other again and were living together in the house she owned.I guess she really loved that old house because when she died ,she died in the first bedroom.Now she wasn't a mean person,as far as I knew and heard she was very nice.

Here comes the spooky part,when we moved in the realty agent told us about her dying in the house and I really didn't think nothing of it.One night I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye and I just dimissed it and went on.Until I saw it again but this time I looked quick and it was a floating apparition of her! She didn't seem to be a threat or anything and sometimes I could hear her humming.

After living there for a couple of years I'd keep seeing her and nothing happened then one day hubstead was outside cutting grass and I was watching him from the kitchen window and I was washing dishes.I felt the floor vibrate(like a small earthquake) and a noise coming from the first bedroom and I walked in there and as I rounded the corner the bedroom door was closed and as I opened it I couldn't believe what I saw.Every piece of furniture in the room was away from the wall and was in the middle of the room.One of my dogs was up against the corner of the room shaking like a leaf and the other was standing by the door.I got them out of the room and pushed all the furniture back in place.Hubstead came in and I ask him if he came around the front and went in the bedroom and he said no.So I told him what happened and he just stood there and gave me a funny look.I was thinking am I crazy?

It never happened again but other pieces of furniture would be out of place. I could also hear the old floors creak like someone was walking across them.I was trying to fall asleep and I had my eyes closed and a face appeared and it was so evil,I slept on the couch that night.A few months before we got ready to move I could hear a little girl laughing and hear people in the kitchen talking and a radio playing old 1940s music.I would go in there and it would stop.I've woke up and the front door would be wide open (it was a new door and locks).I was talking to a friend long distance on the phone one night and the couch was facing the large front window and I looked up and saw something outside floating across it.I jumped up and ran to the door and opened it really quick and what ever it was ,was gone.It looked like a small face.

All of a sudden I could feel something evil starting to appear and I would just pray and pray it wouldn't hurt us.It never did but by that time my nerves were shot.We had lived there for 5 years.I was so glad to move from there and I tell people this story because there are things in this world we can't explain nor comprehend.Old houses do keep secrets. I accept this fact so it doesn't bother me anymore.I have had some really strange things happen to me in my life,you just go on and hope it doesn't effect your thinking.I guess that's what my Grandmother meant when she said I was special,you think? I believe she had the gift of a sixth sense.I love ya Grandmother.

Anyone out there have a good story?

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